Sunday, June 3, 2012

A funny thing happened on the way home

To quote The Universe from my inbox this morning, "Time and space, The Ultimate Adventure".    Some days it really does feel like that.  I had a few moments this week when my inner core was an ant's eyelash away from going postal and I thought, "wow, this is what it feels like to go postal".  Being such a spiritually evolved human being (*snort*), I observed the feelings, then poured myself another vermut and stepped up to My Most Recent Ultimate Adventure.  Which was digesting this snippet from the timeline of history posted in my son's classroom.

Perhaps it is just semantics over the verb "prendre" (tr.: to take) and the negative connotation that overwhelms me to read it in this context.  Perhaps History could be deemed to be a subjective subject after all, couldn't it?

All this makes it so easy to segue into My Most Recent Observation of the Brazilian treehopper (photo originally linked by Marie EVB Gibbons) and how it was most likely separated at birth from this:

the hair from my rogue, hormonally driven follicle pulled from my chin this morning, the recurring hair that I pull about once a month. I have already written about this rogue here but looking back I see that it has grown coarser and more weapon-like over the last few years.

If I could sum up this Past Most Adventurous Week it would include my 12 year old Palm Pilot (the one holding all the telephone numbers and addresses that I consult from time to time but which was still the sacred cow of my recorded contacts)  upped and reset itself, erasing the entire memory.  All that displays on the current "Address" screen are the two 1-800 numbers for technical support which, judging from the age of this puppy, are no longer in service.

Dear Past, I hereby let go of you.  Maybe a little under protest and in a state of confusion, but I acknowledge that it is indeed time to look ahead.  Namaste.

Now, there's nothing like company coming to inspire an over due clean up.  Other than my chin getting plucked, I can thank the Queen of Arts for inspiring me to clean my toilet and for restocking my stock of her art/rocks.

This favourite person of mine 

and I are all set for our summer shenanigans now.

But wait! Before you go, I forgot to show you the astonishing rainbow from two weeks ago

and much about my Thelma-and-Louise Arizona retreat like the 79 cent Big Slurp (32 ounce) unsweetened iced tea  

the Mustang car rented, in true Thelma and Louise fashion, of course

the magic found in the garden

a dog named Belinda we spent two days with

 beetles making more beetles

and a culture very different from my own.

I confess I am a little bit on overwhelm lately with big changes hanging over the future.  Living the concept of constantly being in choice conflicts with the concept of not being able to control my situation which then induces panic attacks, usually in the middle of the night.  It is kind of like taking responsibility and yet feeling as if I am flapping in the breeze.  This life is not for the faint of heart.


Sherry said...

"this life is not for the faint of heart" -- Frida, you nailed it!!!

I love everything about this post -- the seriousness, the tongue in cheek, the laughter, the fragging chin hair (!!!) and the Guns poster....I have seen so much gun and weapon advertising over the last months whenever I'm in the US that I am gobsmacked. The right to bear arms...but it is so "un Canadian" to us.

As for the English taking ... that would be a little hard to swallow indeed...but it speaks volumes n'est pas???

Snap said...

This life is not for the faint of heart.


Snap said...

P.S. I shave my chin once a week ... don't tell!! :D :D

Cheryl said...

Was the chin hair white? If it's white and you yank for ten minutes until it comes out - it hurts!!!!

Pleased to see you!

Roos said...

Just live your life - after all, you're the only one who knows how!
Good to read you again :-)

Ellena said...

It (Quebec) does not know how fortunate it is that it was Les Anglais and not some others I can think of.
I love the rainbow picture and am looking forward to YOUR summer.

thecatalanway said...

Love you! Don't have too many words tonight but wanted to tell you that. And you made me laugh - as usual. Life - who'd be without it!

K xxxx

Beth said...

Feeling out of control + choices to be made.
It can be done. (I know.)
And you will…
(i hope the panic attacks ease up)

Kim Mailhot said...

So glad to be a source of inspiration and support is this heart challenging life! :)
You are so awesome. Love you, your sense of humor and your great strength.
Rock on, powerful one!