Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Haiku

I often wonder
what's the point of writing here,
does anyone care?

Hmm, probably not.
My thoughts and art and writing,
another self-stain.

But try and stop me
and I can become nasty
and hard to live with.

My little corner,
my own self made universe
I can burp and fart

without once saying
"Excuse me", "Oops", or "Sorry".
Confess: you're jealous.


Snap said...

I do care. Isn't that what our blogs are for? To please ourselves ... no one else. A place for thoughts and dreams and daily things ... a journal of sorts. I'm thinking about having my blog made into a book ... year by year. (Just in case all this thought/work gets lost in cyberspace.)


karen from creativetherapy said...

me too i's here and i care :)

Anonymous said...

You & your writing & your photography make my day on many days, even if I don't say so. Don't stop!
Sally ;-)

Lis said...

I'll say it too ... I also care! But I love the realization that even if no one else was watching/caring/playing attention, you have to do this for you. More important than any of us is you!

And yes, I am jealous of your self made universe ... hmmm ... guess that means I have my own to tend to, where I can happily belch away!

xo Lis