Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Haiku

I'd like you to meet
Gustave. Indeed, he's a rat.
Yet, a real joy. Hmmmm...

you may screech, "a rat!!!!???"
And normally I'd screech too.
But he's a sweetie.

We met him today
Riley and I. My friend, "T"
had adopted him.

She was still mourning
her first rat she named, "Zelda",
who passed a year now.

Gotta love Gussie.
My goodness he makes me think
I could love one too.

My apologies -
the photos were taken with
my cheapie cell phone.


Snap said...

He's a cute little guy.

oreneta said...

I babysat two rats for a year, and I have to say that they made great pets. Not that my husband would go for it or anything, but great pets nonetheless.

Hanneke Nelson said...

Nice to meet you too, Gustave. What a distinguished name you have.

Have a good weekend!

GingerB said...

He looks much more distinguished than the little gray mice who sneak into my house on an annual basis. I might could love him. Might.