Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Give me a "P"!

I've been pants shopping lately, having worn through the knee of both of my favorite pairs of jeans and, it's time folks to replace the stretched out, fuzzballed other pants in my closet. Am I asking too much for the following credentials in a pair of pants?

1) be low rise enough so that my belly can comfortably flop over the top while still accommodating my underpants

2) can do something to make my ever-flattening butt a little more shapely (I mean, they've invented the tummy-tuck jean, why not the butt-tuck jean?)

3) have enough room in the leg without making me look like two sausages stuffed into casings


Kim Mailhot said...

jeans, bathing suits, shoes for tired feet - shopping can be so hard ! When you do find the appropriate ones, make sure to buy in bulk !!! ;)
Wanna call you Thursday am for a catch up and to tell you about something I got in the mail today !!!
Have a cozy night !

beth said...

i can sooooo relate to this dilemma !
i need new jeans too and cringe at the thought of yet another ridiculous moment in the fitting room....