Tuesday, November 9, 2010

{Virtual Coffee}

Well, hello there. Did you notice that it's Tuesday again which means...drum roll...some virtual coffee.

If I was meeting you for coffee today I would say I'm drinking yesterday's coffee since when I got to work I was so darned cold I had to go downstairs and buy one of those hot-hot-hot designer coffees to warm me up. Some people are writing about their indian summers but there's been none of that nonsense here. It's been cold, damp and largely rainy. We squeezed out a little sunshine on Sunday but that's about it. We took an early morning walk by the water and we actually saw something trying to grow.

It boggles my mind how resilient nature is. Today I'm trying to take a page from this flower's book.

Last week I saw my old boots in the back of the cupboard, the ones I haven't worn for a few years because the heels wore down and I was too lazy to get them re-heeled. I thought it would be nice to have an almost new pair of fall boots to wear so I got them done and don't they look fine?

They can be worn up or down, it's almost like having two pairs of boots.

But honestly it's been an emotional week with way too many screaming pitches than I like to ride out in an ordinary week. Today I am feeling saturated by some attempts at honesty and not very happy about the outcome. I am listening to this David Gray CD I picked up at Chapters on the weekend and it's fitting for my maudlin mood. Lucky me, I get to wallow through the material on TWO CDs with this one.

Even though I have a huge list of things to do and places to go I am lying low today and just trying to take gentle care of myself. So if you're still thirsty, you can totter on over to Amy's Lucky Thirteen and see who else showed up for coffee.

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{Amy} said...

some days i feel just like wallowing a round listening to music all by myself, sounds good to me!
cute boots, they still look very nice. hope you get a little more sun this week. thanks for coffee!