Tuesday, November 30, 2010

{Virtual Coffee}

Yup, it's Tuesday and the coffee is cold from the fridge.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you I am feeling a lot better now although I found out the nasty news this morning that there is quite the gastro bug running rampant through Riley's school at the moment. That on top of this rather virulent and tenacious virus. Gotta love November. But honestly I don't. I am sorry to all my Scorpio friends but I am not unhappy to see November out the back door. Tomorrow kicks off the official count down to Christmas. To me, December means lights and wonder and magic. And a little last minute frantic shopping. My goal usually is to be out of the stores by the 10th, saving the last two weeks for wrapping and baking. I might make it this year with a few exceptions.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would say that despite being flattened by That Virus, I held to my promise to myself to take one photo a day, even if some days it was a macro of my red nose or my watering eyes. One night I dragged myself to the front door and got one of the full moon because who can't resist a full moon on a cold, clear night?

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you my hormones are rollercoastering me through the days and nights, dammit, which not only is affecting my body and my moods but has given me all kinds of thoughts about how I compare myself to others and how futile so many of my struggles are. I would take another sip and another cookie and qualify that by adding "and it's a good thing". I would ask you how your own Christmas shopping is going and if you have your snow tires on yet since we woke to our first "real" snow on Saturday morning.

And then I would segue into how my Saturday played out whilst I bang my head on the table, incredulous that I get myself into such pickles. And then I would gripe a little bit how this Thursday and Friday are pedagogical days which kind of blows any studio time I dreamed of having out of the water. And while I was venting I would say how one of my volunteer jobs has turned out to be everything it wasn't supposed to be and I feel a little duped. Which would bring me full circle to how much I have been thinking that I am slipping into a real negative rut and I need to pull myself out and start a different mantra running in my head. I would ask you for some suggestions and we would laugh and agree that sometimes faking it is harder than it sounds and being true to your inner self is important too. This goal for inner peace is an ancient one that, if I was seven-years old, I could sum up with a simple gesture.

And if you were looking for some light banter, you would be out of luck here today but you could always go and see who else turned up at Amy's for some more virtual coffee.


tinycaesar said...

You poor thing. I'll have mine black, please, no sugar. What a wretched waning moon it has been for you. Next Sunday's new moon will perk you up, I hope. Here's that same full moon shining outside my house, on Sunday a week ago. http://rossnowlaghsurf.blogspot.com/2010/11/745am-sunday-21-november-2010.html

Cheryl said...

I brought some cinnamon rogalach. Felt the need for something sweet after the bad few weeks we've both had. Glad to spend some time with you.

oreneta said...

Go for warm coffee, with some chocolate melted in and maybe a little kick too, mix it up with something sweet, and you'll be feeling better...I think.

Cold coffee? In November? In MTL!


Srsly, hope you're feeling better soon.


Kim Mailhot said...

Light banter, no. Some truth about how life can be a real challenge, yup...
I say plug the kid into a bunch of movies or set him up beside you in the studio and play anyway. He will learn that Momma's time is precious on this earth too. That isn't a bad lesson, I think.
Hugs, my friend, deep sighs, and hugs.