Friday, May 6, 2011

Virtual Vermut

Hey! It's Friday and I've got plans with this buddy of mine:

It was a present from someone who was passing through L.A. and of all the flavored voddies, this is my all time favorite. Unfortunately or, fortunately, I can't buy it here in my city and so I have been enjoying it sparingly which is a word that rarely gets used when I open a bottle of voddie.

If we were meeting for vermut this afternoon we would go and sit on a terrace somewhere because the sun is shining for the first time in 5 days. I would ask you if there is a brand of self-tanner you would recommend because I'm noticing that each spring when I put on my sandals

my feet are getting uglier and uglier and my legs are getting whiter and whiter. Usually when I use that stuff I get these carroty patches at my knees and ankles and sometimes on the knuckles of my toes because it's almost impossible to apply it evenly. Oh, what price vanity!

If we were meeting for vermut today I would ask you - would you get on a Ferris wheel car numbered 13?

Honestly, vermut or no vermut if I got on a Ferris wheel car my head would be between my legs for the whole rotation. I would tell you of this memory I have as a small child sitting on the Ferris wheel with my father with just a simple bar across our laps which, technically, wasn't across my lap because I was so tiny. At the very top of the wheel when it stopped to let people on or off my father would swing the car wildly, while I screamed and imagined myself slipping beneath the bar. I remember my hands sweating heavily and having a hard time holding on while he laughed. And I would sit in amazement at realizing where my fear of heights started.

If we were meeting for vermut today I would tell you about our "firsts" this week. The first bit of mint is up.

Our first daffodil which is in my garden but I didn't plant.

Our first lilac sighting, even if it was just one little bud that had fallen off another stem.

And for Riley, the first time he wasn't allowed on a ride at the travelling fair because he was too TALL. And even though there have been so many in the past when he has not been allowed on because he was too short which caused no end of disappointment, this held equal disappointment for him. Oh. I would tell you of another "first" and more proof my boy is growing up - last week he saw my underwear hanging on the clothes line and laughed. Underwear on the clothes line is, apparently, a source of mirth when you are 8 years old. He was less mirthful at seeing his own hanging out there in the breeze.

Before I pour myself another glass I would tell you I have to run and exchange some things I bought that turned out to be the wrong size. I would ask you if, when you have less money in the bank you are more prone to wanting to spend some? I am having a bit of a short month what with taxes due and the end of the heating bills (hopefully) from the winter but have nevertheless been tempted by sales and spring clothes and shoes.

Be sure to stop by Kate's at The Catalan Way and say hi as there is no bottom on her vermut glass and maybe you can convince her to put up a Mr. Linky on Fridays.


Sherry Smyth said...

Chuckling along... I loved this!!! EXCEPT for the ferris wheel story!!! My heart was in my mouth for you reading that...why is it that our parents were less enlightened than we are as parents? Dads when we were little have a lot of explaining to do!!!! I could see mine doing something similar and would you EVER do anything like that to your child??? NO!!!

I could Riley was getting taller and yes, I certainly see the disappointment being equal..first too short, now too tall..and he has much growing still to do!!

Cheers...I think it's time to go open a bottle of red...enjoy that voddie!!! xoxox

And Happy Mother's Day!! ♥

thecatalanway said...

I just wrote a comment and then it disappeared. so now I will write something totally different as I can't remember what I said! Too much vermut?
I had a drink saluting you - Here's to a very good writer - you really are so funny and clever. Great to read. I'm jealous!
Suntan cream - have you tried Oreal Nutri summer. It's not going to change your feet overnight but it doesn't smell which is a huge bonus! Nor turn orange on the knees and ankles.
Sorry about the lack of linky this week - what if I send people over and you don't feel like inviting them in? Shall I just do it anyway and we'll what happens? Not sure how this works. But I can add it now...
Thanks again for making me laugh and keeping me company K x

Cheryl said...

Happy Mother's Day! Why not ask for a half hour at a tanning spa. That'll take care of the whities! I can't share your vodka. The ferris wheel story made me ill. Just the sight of the car actually. Argh~ better go!

oreneta said...

Your Dad? That would be seriously scary.....snow white feet, a medal of honour for surviving a Canadian winter?????

Kim Mailhot said...

So many parents from that generation had so very much to learn. One can only hope that many of the parents of today know a bit better. At least you do...
What is so special about LA Vodka ?
Celecrate those white feel like the badge of honor they are!
Enjoying the growth here ! It has exploded so much that it almost makes me forget what I was complaining about just a little while ago...
Vive le printemps !

Lis said...

Oh, I am a wreck when we ride the mini ferris wheel that is inside a sporting goods store ... when we stop at the top, I have to remember to breath, I am holding that still ... the rocking just freaks me out!

When you use self tanner I have found it helpful to apply a thin layer of your regular lotion first, that way the tanner goes on more evenly and less likely to be soaked up by the drier spots of skin.

I don't know if I would be brave enough to hang my undies out on a clothes line ... can you believe, they for forbidden in our neighborhood! (The clotheslines that is; although perhaps my undies flapping in the winds would elicit a new covenant rule ...)

As to the desire to shop ... I think the austerities of winter have catapulted me into a spring fling for sure!

Congrats on being a Fearless Painter graduate!

xo Lis