Friday, May 13, 2011

Virtual Vermut

Well, la-di-dah. It's Friday and I'm celebrating! It's champagne (OK, sparkling wine) all around!

I don't know why this kind of surprised me this week but my mother announced she is getting married. And with the groom at 81 and the bride at 76, I gently advised her to not have a long engagement. But seriously, what better reason to be drinking in the afternoon but to celebrate the growth of a family? This day is simply gorgeous and if you looked up, "gorgeous day" in the dictionary, it would say, "May 13, 2011" and have a picture of my city beside it. It's so nice out I almost forgot about it being a Friday the 13th until I read my horoscope and found out that it is an accident prone day for me and that I need to guard against theft or loss.

You know it's really spring when garbage can art returns to your neighbourhood. I do love a bin man with a sense of style.

If we were meeting for vermut, or champagne, today I would tell you about going for a walk with Riley early this morning and show you some of the things we found - all this before 8:30 a.m.

A robin's egg

a lobster

ducks to feed

the world's smallest caterpillar

cherry flavoured lip balm that has a definite colour to it.

And he could double for Edith Piaf in this one with the pseudo lipstick. La vie en rose...

My original "twinkle"

was returned to me at the same tree where I left today's message, one that has been challenging me plenty

magnolias gone crazy

improvised rabbit ears

and an absolute riot in my former neighbour's garden

If we were meeting for vermut today I would tell you that yesterday I allowed myself to do a bit of this

and that

with a magazine and it felt great. We would play a requiem for old pajamas

I think I've had these since before Riley was born and they are one waist-cinch away from falling to the floor around my ankles.

If we were meeting for vermut this afternoon I would tell you that I have spent considerable time cleaning up my art studio and now I can't find a damn thing. Not only have I cleaned it up but I have been KEEPING it clean and so I have been spending an inordinate amount of time looking for things I used to be able to put my hands on quickly but still, I'm loving the "space" created by the tidiness. I would tell you I started a class on colour palettes and have been painting many colour wheels.

And while we were on the subject of colour swatches, I would also share with you Yo-Yo, which is the colour I have pretty much settled on for the bathroom that will be painted next month.

Can't you see white fabric shower curtains with this?
If we were meeting for vermut this afternoon I would tell you this funny story that happened a few nights ago when Riley and I were walking the dog. It was the first time I had to put the birds and the bees into more specific words as a pair of red-winged blackbirds had a go at it right before our eyes. And I'm expecting more questions once my initial answers have been digested. Oddly enough, there are no photos to document this part of the story.

If we were meeting for vermut this afternoon I would limit myself to one, OK - two glasses because it's not even four o'clock then I would send you over to Kate at The Catalan Way and remind her that it's time for vermut!


Sherry Smyth said...

I love these posts...these great snippets of life. Thank you for not showing us the birdies going at it (lol!!), but thank you for sharing your walk with us. Thank you for sharing the paint chip with us (it will look awesome and a white curtain will just pop). I love that your studio is clean and I'm sorry you can't find anything!! It happens to me as well and it's one reason I always put off tidying up!

And congratulations to your mother and her made me laugh about the short engagement!

Cin Cin!!!

oreneta said...

What a great visit that was! Love the blue for the bathroom, and LOVE seeing you outside in the sunshine! NOTHING like it. Congrats to you MOM!!!!

Cheryl said...

Félicitations to mom~ Good reason to bring out the bubbly. Love, love the color for the bathroom! And love the longish posts from you!

magpie said...

i love taking walks with you.

Claire said...

congratulations to your mama!! wow! i'll gladly raise a glass :)
and thank you for all the pics and snippets of your life - just for you i've taken pics of our roses to entice you in for virtual coffee :) i confess, i prefer the idea of virtual bubbly though :)

Lis said...

Your world is erupting in color ... and lobsters? How the heck did you find a lobster on the streets?

Congrats to your mum! My 86 year old mother has recently started dating? I don't know, she is being very cagey which is disconcerting but inspiring in an 86 year old.

Love the blue! I think the color of my womb room is "refresh" and I thought it was more blue/green but it can be minty colored in certain light and yet it is refreshing.

Color wheels ... what fun! I need to quit being so lazy and mix a little more (and that statement applies to so much of my life!)

Glad to also see your toes soaking up the sun!

xo Lis

thecatalanway said...

That was great - enjoyed the bubbly! Oh I hope not too many people came over to me and found the door closed in an unfriendly un-vermut-offering sort of way. Oh well - these things happen on the internet and I coulnd't even put a note on the door saying SORRY.
Love the fritillarias in your neighbours garden. Nice to see your face and toes relaxing in the sun. Seems like yesterday you were battling with the snow. I love the idea of the stones with messages.
Congrats to mum and groom to be. Looks like you have an interesting family as well as being so clever yourself! Vermut from cornwall on Friday....I'll dig some up somewhere!!