Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{Virtual Coffee}

It's Tuesday, which means it's time for virtual coffee. If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you that I didn't cry yesterday morning (for the first time) when I took Riley for his first day of school.

It always seems to be a strikingly sunny day for the first day of school and I'm a little sad all the photos I got were squinty ones.

I did catch his usual worried expression when he's looking for friends in the schoolyard.

And so it goes. Another ten months ahead of us and it feels like the energy has tangibly shifted. The nights, the mornings, the lake and the pool water - all drastically cooler than they were ten days ago. There, now that made me cry.

If were were meeting for coffee today I would tell you that it's MushroomGate in our neck of the woods. And there were even some little tiny Grimm's fairy tale type of red ones I didn't capture. What I did find was this spooky black one

some that looked like they belong under the sea

the bold

the classic

the umbrella style

the "there's a leprechaun living under here" ones

and how about a Dr. Suess orange one with some kind of polka dots

or ones that could be puff pastries with a sprinkling of confectioner's sugar on top

and this one that I don't even know where to begin to describe.

I might ask you if you think a seven legged Daddy Long Legs might be good luck?

and oddly enough there were two seven-legged beasties side by side which made me wonder if a new bug species has been born

or if you ever heard of my dock spiders being called "jesus spiders" because, dang it, they actually walk on water. I will admit that from time to time when I see one of these honkers I have taken the lord's name in vain.

And I've said even worse when I walk into these kind of camouflaged webs strung between trees.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you that I ran into an equally scary zombie

and discovered that I am highly allergic to this proliferating beastie of another variety.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would ask if you also feel as if these have gone and changed whilst you weren't looking

and as beautiful as they are, their next step is to fall off and my mind won't even let me go where the next step is. But if we were meeting for coffee today you would chide me and remind me that I am supposed to be living in the moment. Then before we headed over to Amy's Lucky Number 13 for one of her hillbilly cinammony lattes we would stop by The Rock Fairy's place and drop this rock in her lap and see what she would come up with to paint on it.


{Amy} said...

those mushrooms are amazing! never really thought i would be saying that, but yeah, they are! i have never seen so many varieties, so cool. me & charlotte thought we were big stuff finding ONE this past spring but it was the kind you can eat that everyone goes hunting for here. i would make you the yummiest hillbilly latte ever if we were really to meet for coffee! : )

oh- and your boy looks absolutely darling on his first day of school!

Snap said...

A land full of fairies and elves living in their dream world .......handsome young man he is ......

Becky~ said...

Oh school already?Poor him and you,oh I remember the days.I cried as well join the club ha.

That spider gives me the shivers lol.Happy Wednesday ahead!

Cheryl said...

Riley looks so mature! The mushrooms are cool. The spiders give me the creeps!

Kim Mailhot said...

I wouldn't write a thing on it ! It speaks volumes all by itself !!!

This post had too many crawly things for my liking - I actually shivered when I saw the Jesus !

But I am so very much of the same mind. Time is flying. This precious summer feels like it is so close to done( though a nice hot first week of Sept would be so appreciated as we head to the beach!!!) and it seems like it just wasn't enough. Why is there always this wanting ? Why isn't the moment enough all of the time ?
Oh well...trying, like you to spend as much time as possible in the micro shot of it all. It sure is beautiful there...
Big love to you, my friend !

Becky~ said...

Actually I dont love cream cheese that much either put I loveee anything with apple so I thought it has to be good LOL.Thanks for the visit.

redheadreverie said...

WOW!!! Those mushrooms are CRAZY ... Like Alice in Wonderland Crazy.

As for the spiders, I now feel like they are crawling on me ... oh and a zombie is chasing me. YIKES!!!!

Gotta run...

Have a Wonderful (tear-free) week.

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

Not being a lover of any crawling type thingies, your post gave me a good case of the willies. I did love the mushrooms, so many different varieties and all so different and as for that zombie...scary! Have a good first week of school.

Claire said...

you brave mama!!
love the mushroom pics - NOT the crawlies!! *shiver*
and you'll be pleased to know, my dh DOES strain the blackberries through muslin :) so i guess, technically, he's making jelly... i'll let you know when the first batch is ready :)
i've missed you xx

Elisa Black said...

As always, a wonderful post! I love all your mushroom and spider photos!! I'm sorry that this is such a difficult time of year for you. I know for me, sometimes its the anticipation of the upcoming change in season (and for you arrival of school) that is worse. Do you have one of those full spectrum lights? That might be something to try. I'll be taking photos of my kids going off to school next week-- they were supposed to start yesterday but we are recovering from Hurricane Irene and all the power outages and trees down. I'm reading you from a hotel room where we're staying for a few days. Thanks for coffee! Have a good week! Try to stay mindful and be in-the-moment (and I will try to do the same!)

Sherry Smyth said...

I'm sitting here shivering...not just because the temps are colder in the mornings...the creepy crawlies!!! I don't really like spiders...but I'm used to the "garden variety" we have most of the time...the ones you find "in the wild" are a little too much for me...there, I just shivered again!! You can tell I'm not the outdoorsy type!! But I DO like your fungi!! Very colourful!

Living in the moment...it's kind of hard when the moment is pushing itself forward...leaves already on the ground here (too early!) and cooler mornings, cooler nights. I long for an Indian Summer!!

Wishing the man a happy school year!!! xo

green village said...

i like this blog, always very best result photograph

Beth said...

Wish I'd been able to meet you for REAL coffee - missed out again this summer. Next year? Sooner?

(i'm back...)

Jacques said...

Congratulation for yours beautifull photos.
Sorry, my english is very limited.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Wow, that's some crazy wildlife you got going on there! I've never seen so many varieties of mushrooms all within near vicinity of each other! As for the spiders...I'll heartily content myself with just the photos of them. No need to make personal acquaintance with those guys - that last one in particular! Oof.

Thanks so much for the coffee and the wander through wonderland. Hope the school year gets off to a good start!

Moomser said...

Why, why did you do this to me? I'm still swatting at myself after those spider pictures, ugh! Loved the mushrooms though, it's like getting a preview of our fall here, not as many varieties, but mushroom hunting for risotto making and colored leaves are in my near future too, yay, I love fall!