Monday, October 8, 2012


This morning I saw resilience here

and here

and here.

I spent the night up north, opening up the futon sofa and sleeping in front of a fire with my favourite bug.  When we woke it was -3 Celsius.  I needed to see the beauty that gritted its teeth and flowered "anyway" in spite of the temperature's grab to cut it down.  I need to take inspiration from these small, simple flowers and find my own resilience "anyway".  I need to waken that corner of my heart that believes I can flower while external influences grab at it to tamp it out.

Thank you to all who have left comments here the last while.  I have not found the words to respond to many but know that I deeply appreciate your presence and kindness.


Karen said...

isn't nature's strength so very amazing? here's to all of us finding ways to tap into the inner strength when we need it. Thinking of you and sending you love.

Sherry said...

Resilience -- something we need so often in life. You have as much -- no more resilience than these flowers that can sprout and grow through rocks..wherever they can find a foothold. Life is like that -- your strength is carrying you through even if the soil you are planted in isn't the richest or the one with the most nutrients. And like plants...we can transplant from that less than fertile soil to something that feeds us in a way we never dreamed possible ♥

Snap said...

Remember ... you are as much a part of nature as the blooms you found ... strong ... resilience blooming. March on. ♥ ♥ ♥

Beth said...

That corner of your heart (soul, spirit…) can and will flower – no matter what. I think you and I are alike in many ways and this is one of them – we possess a resiliency that nothing and no one can ever crush. And it’s not something you even think about possessing until it’s needed - and working – and then you know. You can feel it. And from that resiliency comes your own beauty, wisdom and ability to go on. And find happiness.

You’re already flowering. :)

Cheryl said...

Resilience is sometimes found in the depths of our far down we think we can't reach it. You know it's there and you know how to tap in. It'll come.

Lapel Pins said...

Looking very fresh flowers.