Monday, September 29, 2008

Ready or not

I'll never be ready for winter emotionally or psychologically. But I did buy some new winter boots last week. Last year's Sorels disappointed so I went for Merrells. My feet love Merrells. Never had a bad pair. Well, actually I had a pair of Merrell hiking boots that were so stiff I was never able to break them in. Here are those new puppies, B.S. - before snow, salt and stains. I hope they live up to my expectations. This city is hard on winter clothing. Last year's obscene amount of snow and near 6-month duration wore out more than my patience. Boy oh boy by April I was really, really tired of wearing the same old coat, and I had only bought it new in November. Tonight as I watched an enormous flock of geese honking and heading south, I felt as ready as I will ever be to face what's coming. I just need enough time to get the bar-b in the garage, the sun umbrella stored and my attitude transplanted.

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