Friday, September 26, 2008

The Neti Pot

I never thought I would say something like I think it's a good idea to put a foreign substance up my nose but...

I've been sick for a week. First it was bone-tired-dog-sick kind of sick for two days. Then the congestion set in. I got desperate when I lost my sense of taste. So off I trotted to get my first neti pot. I had read a blog spot a few weeks ago which showed a video from YouTube demonstrating how this works. And I didn't find it as funny as the original blogger but it did make me wonder why would anyone? It was a bit of a gag-fest the first try but holy cow did it clean me out! I felt smarter without all that *uh* stuff clogging up my faculties. My second shot at it was witnessed by my five-year old son. And it grossed him out. "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww!", he said as he ran from the room. I managed to gross out a five-year old! Now only three days into this I'm sold. It's kind of fitting that my first post here would involve bodily functions.

1 comment:

magpie said...

dont know why but i find it hilarious that this was your first blog post.

this current cold has been so bad that nothing passed from one nostril to the other.