Sunday, June 20, 2010


We had a couple of firsts in the house today.

Riley's first bike ride without training wheels.

It was a long time coming, fear holding him back more than anything. Something I'm quite familiar with so I let it ride, but today, as a father's day present, he looked his fear in the eye. We set ourselves up in the empty tennis court. Lots of cheering and utter surprise. Not a little self confidence blossoming too.
There was also the first hot dog. Ha! I know...but he's always been a picky eater and since hot dogs aren't the healthiest of foods, I let that one go. Today, he managed one jumbo at lunch then another two regulars at our pool opening BBQ.

When you live with an incredibly picky eater, any new food that passes more than one bite is time for celebration. It just opens so many more avenues when eating at friends' houses too.

My rock this morning told me to

I guess a part of my spirit has been sitting on the sidelines since last Tuesday. Baby steps, for me. I'm happy to say I joined in life today, celebrating moments as they happened.


Snap said...

YeeHaw! Hope you had a hot dog and rode the bike, too!

Kim Mailhot said...

Congrats to the super biker rider, hot dog eating kiddo !
And brava to his brave Momma for joining in where she feels able.
Big love to you !

Paula said...

Congrats to our house if someone is grumpy, we ask," you need a hot dog?" Long story, but as soon as someone says it, the grumpy person just cracks up. And, if someone says, it's been a hot dog kinda day, well....

Lis said...

That was a big day! How proud he must have been! My daughter is working on raising the training wheels ... i think she is more than ready but i am holding back ... seems like the tricycle stage went too fast and after this, what's next?

Beautiful inspiration on your stone ♥