Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Of bugs and things, a storyboard in rocks and photos

'Tis the season for nature to be in full throttle. I've often written about what a buggy neighborhood I live in. Since I live less than two blocks from water, we have a lot of spiders.

And when you have a lot of spiders, you have a lot of other bugs. Although I can't say I really

their presence, I see their place in the scheme of things. Their webs offer amazement and beauty.

While taking apart our old shed this weekend we found literally thousands of spider egg pockets. Also, this tiny wasp nest was suspended in a corner, hammock style

Here, you can see how tiny it really is, barely the width of two of my fingers
The intricacies of nature remind me of the interdependence of all things. So, when in doubt, remember



Hanneke Nelson said...

While I get excited by deer, bear, foxes, and skunks, Lola (3) is equally happy to see a spider, an ant, a beattle. The world through her eyes is such an awesome place!

GingerB said...

Holy shit, that first picture gave me the heebie-jeebies and I had to work, really, really hard to remember that, as your previous commenter said, the world is an awesome place. Hannah really likes ants lately, and I do enjoy watching her squat down and study them, pointing and then checking to see if I am watching the right ant. Nice! But your spider - too much for my delicate nature - that and MOTHRA who was flying around my kitchen earlier. Ugh!