Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{Virtual Coffee}

Hidey ho neighbour! The pot is perking and the snow is falling (again) so come in and sit a spell. If we were meeting for coffee today you couldn't help but notice that our dog has been forced to wear the cone of shame (again).
It's a glandular issue and she's been spending far too much time down there. Let's just say I'm grateful I'm not the one who has to put the ointment on twice a day.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you that Riley and I spent Saturday afternoon together on the couch watching a movie and spoiling our dinner with a big bowl of popcorn. And it felt good.

I would tell you about My Most Recent Embarrassing Episode, which really is turning into a weekly event. I had some clay creations ready to dip in a colour wash - a wash I made some time ago, I'll admit. I opened the jar, went to put some music on and caught a waft of a truly most horrible smell. I ran around searching high and low, suspecting the poor dog. It turns out it was my paint wash which had gone off. Oh my goodness. I had to open the window and pour baking soda down the sink to clear the room - nay, the house - of the stench.
If we were meeting for coffee today I would probably complain about the snow although compared to what some people are living around the world weather-wise, we have gotten off pretty easy so far this winter. Sunday morning was a picture postcard day, so coined by those who don't have to shovel it, scrape it or drive in the wretched stuff. We also had our first "red light" day this winter. -30 with the windchill when we headed off to work and school yesterday. Can you say, "long jjjjjjjjjohns"?
This gizmo lets us know when the temperature dips below -12. We have dual system heating which means we pay very little for electricity EXCEPT when it's -12 or colder then we pay through the nose. Just seeing the light on kind of made me shiver, good thing I had my new Patagonia wool socks on.
I got them last week at Winners (TJ Max) ridiculously cheap (for Patagonia at any rate). They were marked "irregular". I had no idea what was irregular about them until I put them on this morning. They are still warm, even if they make my feet look deformed.

If we were meeting for coffee this morning I would tell you I've been working hard at practicing self-care this year. I received a bunch of bath bombs for Christmas (also some for my birthday in September) and it dawned on me it was time to stop "saving" them.
Since Christmas I have been bombing my bath every Saturday night. I'm living the dream, baby.

But look at the time! I need to drop in at Amy's before I get the rest of this show on the road. Thanks for stopping by, you can tag along with me if you're still looking for a little company.


Corinne said...

A bath sounds so lovely... self care is so important!
Stay warm.... :)

Kahler and Katy said...

-30!? this texas girl (now living in africa where its even hotter- ha) has some serious respect for people like you. i'm the biggest wimp when it comes to cold weather.

and your bath routine as of late sounds amazing!

it was nice to meet you. thanks for sharing coffee.

lisa geiger said...

i just love your turn to talk! you made me laugh, again! your weather sounds toooo tough! i'm using all exclamation points! have a great week!

christi said...

A nightly with a glass of wine is so good for the soul! That is hilarious about your paint water. I didn't know it could go bad. Keep warm ... I can't say I wish it was that cold here.

oreneta said...

Your poor doggie, who's putting on the cream? Riley?

Lis said...

oh, how i wish i could have been over for coffee today ... such wonderful stories to share and laugh over ... i love the image of you smelling the stench and giving your poor dog the evil eye ...

and that red light gizmo? yikes!

i too feel i am a weeny for complaining about the snow and cold, but weeny i am!

and today, when the flurries started, i crawled back into bed, grabbed my journal and did a little drawing lab exercise. i think of you whenever i pull that book out!

xo Lis

Kim Mailhot said...

Just shoveled 6 inches and slipped down the stairs on the 1 inch of frezzing rain that fell on top of that. I know I had a week away in snow-free cold but I have to say, I really hate winter here in the North East...
Wishing for hibernation days...

{Amy} said...

hahaha...the cone of shame! i love it! : ) poor thing. hold up, wait a minute...-30?! that sounds like a nightmare.and there was still school? wow (i am drawing a blank on where you live right now so i'm gonna have to look that up) that's just crazy. i need to get back to taking baths again for relaxation, good for you!
thanks for coffee!

Alita said...

-30... uh ouch!!!! That is so cold that it is painful.

A HOT bath sounds like a must!

Stay warm chica. I'll be trying my best to do the same.


di said...

Your poor doggie.....I love calling it the cone of shame...Up is such a cute movie and Dug is my favorite! We're having cold and snow here too, but not as cold as you! It's 1 this afternoon. Burr. Too cold for me to go out. So, yes, it's all about long johns! I wear mine every time we go out! :-)