Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Haiku

Tee hee, giggle, woot!
The Stylish Blogger Award
is mine! I share it

is more like it. Thanks
to Sisigirl for the nod.
The consensus is

I appear to be
That's not news to me

'cause I'm a mom and
we have that in common with
bloggers and nurses.

I'm off the topic
now I know, but I'm running
out of rhetoric.

The fame must have gone
to my head, I'm babbling.
It's kind of nice, though

to be loved for my
brilliant mind instead of, well -
you know - my body.


Snap said...

YeeHaw and a couple of hip-hips, too!

Kim Mailhot said...

Happy Friday and congrats, my Styling Friend !

Cheryl said...

Yahooey Louis! Ain't that a gas! Congrats!

lisa geiger said...

well, hey, i was going to pop by and invite you to pick up your lovely award today, but you managed all by your amazing self!
love that haiku, baby!

how many froggies do you have left?