Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{Virtual Coffee}

Hello Tuesday. Hello February. If it wasn't for Riley's birthday February would be another wite-out month on my calendar. But it's no secret that winter and me just don't see eye-to-eye. Those three little guys are from a special edition of Kinder eggs. I know my American friends can't get their hands on them but Riley loves them and I think they are kind of cute. They are gearing me up for Easter.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you we are just coming out of a pH crisis with our aquarium. We had another casualty last week *sigh* which led me to buying a water testing kit which led me to find our pH was wonky and our ammonia 4 times what it should be. A few emergency 25% water replacements later it is almost corrected but we are not adding any new life until I know it is completely stabilized.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you how we have now achieved that certain mid-winter shade of pale.

I had a peek at Riley's neck the other day and realized just how long it has been since any of our skin has seen the light of day. Oh, I know. But I miss the feeling of shorts and short sleeves and bare feet. I miss feeling the wind and the sun and even the rain on my arms. I want to cry "uncle!" and be done with it.

On Sunday I took Riley cross country skiing for the first time. I used to ski quite a bit before he was born and we almost didn't make it out on Sunday because it was so cold. But we decided to go anyway and I remembered how much I loved being outside and shushing along the trails. It was especially sweet for me because we strapped Riley's rentals on his feet and he took off; I had a hard time keeping up with him. It is so amazing to see him excel at something as sports aren't really his strong point. He loves playing all kinds of things but if I'm honest with you, he's pretty uncoordinated. Except on skis which is kind of scary.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you that I am needing my reading glasses more and more. Even cooking has become a challenge. This is what I saw on Sunday night.

I knew I had some fine spinach manicotti but I didn't know how long to cook it or at what temperature without these puppies

It's turning into a bit of a drag, soon you are going to see me with my readers on a chain around my neck like a caricature of little old lady. That's what turning 50 did to me. That and having E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G dry out. Yeah, everything. And while I had you laughing at me I would segue into a bit of a rant about having to buy an extra writing book for Riley to get him through the school year. Apparently the $73 I paid in August for books only covers ONE little writing book. If students practice more than what fits in one book, the parents must fork out again. And it's not the $1.19 that sticks in my craw it's the principal.

If we were meeting for coffee today we would talk about the One World One Heart brouhaha going on. I know the idea behind it is wonderful, getting bloggers to discover each other and to make connections but I can't help but feel it has turned into more of a race or a competition to win something than a time and a place to meet fellow kindred souls. Maybe it's just me feeling kind of jaded. I did make a few things to offer up for the event and since it is purported to be the last one, I will probably jump in and join.

Oh now look at the time! I wonder how that storm is progressing. We are expecting our dump to come tomorrow but I have to say that I sympathize with the dumpees. I still wouldn't mind having a snow day.

If you want another cuppa, I invite you to go and see Amy at Lucky Number 13. She always has a pot on the boil.


Kim Mailhot said...

Thanks for the bits of your white world, Miss Kim.
I know what you mean about the OWOH but if you keep the spirit and just do what feels good - it is kind of fun. I found two or three really cool blogs that I am excited to revisit later and it gives me something to do as the snow falls...
Maybe more skiing will help you through ? Maybe that will create a better balanced environment for you and the kiddo ? Who knows...
Have a good rest of the Tuesday...
Hugs !

oreneta said...

Cross country skiing. Divine, one of the veryfew things I miss about a real winter. Glad Riley liked it.

Alita said...

We are a winter shade of pale, too. And I would also like to say uncle. If we were having coffee we would grumble too much about snow. Maybe skiing would be better than coffee. At least we would get exercise that way. Ha...

Thanks for the coffee!

Paula said...

We're managing to dodge most of winter's bullets here, although I wish I could have one more snow day! They are such a gift for me. I envy you the abiltiy to stand upright on a pair of skis as it's not a talent I possess! It's more like me spending a lot of time on my behind!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Oh wow, cross country skiing! Sounds like such fun! Although...me and winter sports have never quite gotten along...I'm of the uncoordinated variety as well.

Sorry about the eyesight dying...and the drying... :)

What is the One World One Heart brouhaha? Haven't come across that one yet.

Anyway, thanks so much for the lovely welcome to Virtual Coffee! Puppies are indeed a lot of work. The first 5 days we had her, I was home alone with her cuz the hubby was out of town and I felt sure I'd either do her or myself a harm. But we figured things out and she's such a fuzzy little love bucket, it's been totally worth it!

This has been fun and I can't wait for next Tuesday!

{Amy} said...

Oh-pale and cracked skin and static everywhere and dry hair...need I go on? I am officially OVER winter as well. I have not even heard of OWOH...that's how out of it I am I guess : ) I love that Riley is uncoordinated except on skis, thats really pretty amazing.Good for him!
We have another snow day tomorrow...bring on more snow but please keep the ice! I do love a snow day but the ice and freezing rain kind of freaks me out. Thanks for coffee Kim!

Colleen said...

Cross country skiing sounds wonderful. It's been a long time since I've given that a try.

I too am a crazy winter pale. I don't get that dark in the summer, but in the winter, I practically glow in the dark.

I like how you took your pasta photo out of focus to illustrate your point.

Have a wonderful February!

christyd said...

Wow! Cross Country Skiing. I haven't done that since I was about 12! I'm glad your son enjoyed it. We've been lucky here, the sun is out and I'm enjoying every minute. I'll bottle some of it up and send it to you! I hope our sun reaches you soon!

Brenda said...

You haven't really chosen the right place to live if you and winter don't get along, hehe. I should send some of our HOT weather to you. I'm participating in OWOH this year and I have come across some great blogs that I have become a follower of. I've even met a blogger from the same town I live in, how cool is that. So yes, some people are just in it for the freebies but there are certainly lots in it that are looking to connect with like-minded souls.

Rhonda said...

Hi Kim. I loved reading this post. Wish we lived close so we could meet for coffee! Happy OWOH. This is my first one and I agree with you! It's a grab and go. Very sad. So from you, I have already received, and that was reading your awesome blog. Thank you. :-)

dieadjustormigrate said...

so neat to find your blog through the OWOH. i am still pondering joining this year. if you see the name die, adjust or migrate on the OWOH roster, come check me out!

and i am loving the virtual coffee idea. i think i may just need to do something like that on my blog.

thanks for making me feel so at home in your corner of the digital world!