Monday, February 7, 2011

{Virtual Coffee}

Oh dear, I thought I would be ecstatic to see Tuesday this week and instead I am stressing to the nines. If we were meeting for coffee today I would warn you that I am flying high on crabbiness and gnarliness so that you could decide if you even want to have coffee with me today.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would be torn between telling you about the coming days and the past few days. I would say I should stick to decaf because I am already climbing the walls and trying to put a positive spin on all of it.

The last weekend I spent at scouts camp just about finished me off. We were staying in old train cabooses like Frederick here
only ours was named Saint Laurent. Well, let me tell you it seemed like the last occupants had been a pack of feral cats who sprayed the entire inside. We were nine in our caboose which left the three foot square entrance a virtual wading pool.
This is the view from the top of the stairs which left me a little nervous about the kiddies in our charge running up and down them and hopping across the gap to the caboose beside ours. I was hoping their tetanus shots were all up to date with all the rust and pointy metal edges.
I guess I should throw in that fact that we had electricity but no running water which put the toilets at a bit of a hike. But not as far as the potable water (which looked a little dicey to me even if they claim it is tested once a week) which was a good half mile hike away.

The highlight of the trip (which should give you an idea) was coming head to head with the main cub leader over the issue of safety in one of the sporting events. He declared he had never been looked at or spoken to in such a manner by a parent volunteer in the twenty-odd years he was leader. I'll spare the details and just say that I hardly recognize myself anymore. I've turned into the mouse that roars.

The last straw for me was the smoke detector going off twice during our last night. Already we were all short on sleep. The days started early and ended late. And it's stressful enough waking to the smoke detector shrieking let alone waking to the smoke detector shrieking when you are responsible for a load of other people's kids. False alarms, both of them but there was no restful sleep for the rest of the night. My theory was that the heat of the caboose (too hot inside and no way to turn the temperature down) mixed with the cat urine created fumes that sparked the alarm.

Oh, if we were meeting for coffee today I would ask you to just talk to me and tell me that these feelings of being in the middle of a nervous breakdown will soon pass while I cry tears of frustration and fear.

If you were here for coffee today I would pull out the page from my page-a-day calendar for Women Who Do Too Much which reads for February 8: Every day we complete many tasks, and yet we often see only those left undone. You would tell me that's true and remind me to breathe. And you would ask to see some of the pictures from the weekend and I couldn't resist showing this one of Riley jumping off the piled up docks into a bank of snow
and this one of my hair after not showering for days. A bad case of bed-head and hat-hair rolled into one

I would say that I think this photo looks a bit Annie Leibovitz-ish and you would laugh so hard coffee would come out of your nose which would make me laugh and start to feel a little better.

I would give you a hug at the door because friends really can lift my spirits when I am down and I know it's a start when I begin to feel moments of lightness in my heart.

You would tell me you are headed over to Amy's Lucky Number 13 for some more stories since it's your day off and are being kind to yourself by actually giving yourself a "day off".


thecatalanway said...

Hey what a lovely friend you must be! I love the bit about bed and hat hair. Love your photo - very stylish. And I am sure I would laugh till coffee came out of my nose (you didn't mention wetting yourself at the same time!)
Love it all
thanks and hope you feel calmer now
K x

oreneta said...

There's a lot of people who pay a lot of good money to have their hair look like that!

Breathe! Remember that fabulous song where that was the chorus. Wish I could find a link. I loved it. FOUND IT!

Virtual hugs.


Cheryl said...

G*d abhors seeing a woman cry! Crying is part of a cleansing ritual. It'll pass right quick. Right after the next snowfall! Love the's so YOU!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Ugh! Sorry you're having one of those days/weeks! Maybe this should be Virtual Wine or Virtual Cocktail Hour or somesuch like that. :)

On the other hand, you did totally crack me up and I wish I could give you an In Real Life hug right now. And tell you to Breathe. And take a long, luxurious cat stretch or two.

Hope the next days will go better!

magpie said...

where did tuesday GO???
i swear my week just skipped over it so i'm catching up here - i'm having tea and sitting here with my mouth agape. i applaud you for not knocking the cub leader on his ass. these sound like completely appalling circumstances. and you came through! yay!

on to the next thing.

Rhonda said...

Yes're making memories that Riley will never forget. And that's what really matters! :-)

{Amy} said...

i think the photo is annie liebovitz too and i think your hair looks good! you certainly rock the short hair, love it! your trip sounds a bit if a nightmare? sorry about that. it looks like your boy had fun though and it looks pretty there. thanks for coffee and hang in there, mama!

christi said...

oh my, what a busy week! and yes, very annie liebovtiz! one of our favs. visiting from virtual coffee! i host tea on tuesdays. stop by and join if you'd like!