Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pet Peeve of the Week

This week's pet peeve is cheese grater toilet paper. You know the kind: one-ply, so thin you can see through it, if you try laying it down on the seat it blows off as you lower yourself down and it's completely non-absorbent so you are left with your water running down your own hand as if you wiped with a board. Just saying.


ladybug said...

there is no worse insult to dignity than finding this when you're trapped in a small little space. :( Bleah! I couldn't agree more!

Kim Mailhot said...

went to a really good restaurant for lunch with my friend Susie yesterday. It had delicious food, a great waitress, nice ambience, and good beer. The bathroom was clean but... the f***ing toilet paper was unusable ! Thank God for Number 1 only !!!! Had to use the shake, shake, shake method. Not good.
I thought about telling someone but didn't...maybe I will next time.
I share your pain, friend ! ;)
Love you !

Matawheeze said...

Add to cheap paper the stall of minimal width - made ever smaller by the humongous dispenser of that flimsy paper and that dispenser hung just at hip height where a woman most needs the space. How many time have you straddled the toilet just so you can close and latch the door?