Thursday, February 24, 2011

Special Edition

Pet Peeve and Friday
haiku, all rolled into one.
I often wonder

at the sheer lack of
imagination with spam.
Like, "Can I Trust You?"

"Viagra Discount!"
Now I have your attention:
"Penis Enhancement!"

How about this one:
"British Lottery Winner!!!!!!"
Or, "Money Transfer."

There's, "Urgent Reply!"
and then, "Respectfully Yours"
or, "Get Back to Me".

Do the spammers think
that we are so gullible?
Oh, give me a break.

Sometimes I laugh at
the grammatical errors.
Dear email spammers,

take your "Loan Offer"
(Strictly Confidentially)
and go for a hike

Dearest, Urgently
and most Respectfully Yours,
The Bodhi Chicklet


Snap said...

wonderful and a big Amen......

love the woodpecker

magpie said...

you'd think that by now
they would figure out that we
have figured them out

Kim Mailhot said...

Wowza! You are good! Excellent combo of poetry and peeve. It is finally Friday! That is good. Hopefully next week is more fun than a bad email spam.
March is a coming!
Hugs, Kimmypoo!

Matawheeze said...

Excellent. Haiku the spammers into submission!

Cheryl said...

Excellent! You must add poet to your profile. Three more days of this wretch-ed month.

thecatalanway said...

couldn't agree more. And what about the ones that tell you Message Failed. So you can't resist taking a look and then wham - it's that guy again who wants to get close.
Lies all lies

K x

thecatalanway said...

Well here I am leaving a message on your blog instead of answering you on mine!(I did that too but you probably won't see it)
Good suggestion and you're not the first to make it. I sometimes ask to be notified of further comments but then I stop them as I get snowed under.
thanks for your suggestions - I feel better now about the comments thing. I needed to blurt a bit I think. And my asking for help post garnered 7! (sort of as some were from me) but that felt good.
Dogs - a sore point at the moment as I feel bad about my two waiting for me in the UK while I pursue my Catalan life here. I want to bring them - but we don't have the right home yet. I could go home to them but then Id leave my partner and I want to be with him too.'s a dilemma and I never thought I'd be someone to leave my dogs. But they are happy - in my home as normal but with friends. Here My partner has Duna - Springer Spaniel. she is beautiful and very good and patient. I have made some changes in her life. (See the post about her new sleepng quarters.) But my heart is with my collies. One day we will all be together I hope. Sorry this has strayed from your post above but I already wrote in about that! All best K x

Magyar said...

...and TV adds(?)!

within the next ten minutes
get one free
____Who is minding their clock?

I could go on, and on... just a stop to say hello, and that I like your reasoned spam-humor here; I must confess... your use of the word -hauku- pulled me in. _m

Lis said...

Always, you are so brilliantly perceptive and humorous at the same time. I had to laugh when I was over at my mother's to see the catalogues she receives: this one is women's athletic wear and I joked with her "they must not know you've never been athletic and even still, at 86 you won't be ordered surfer shorts!"

My new pet peeve: when the trash is full and my family continue to heap things on top, never considering THEY could take out the trash.

love you ... don't miss my woodpecker interpretation ... and email me if you want info on BIG ... it is amazing!

xo Lis