Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{Virtual Coffee}

Well looky here, Tuesday has rolled around again at an astonishing pace. If we were meeting for coffee today it wouldn't surprise you to hear that I am, once again, on the fly. I hate to think we are this far into September but I know that it will take time to settle into a new schedule.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you that on Sunday morning I woke up, looked around, and realized I had reached the end of my tolerance for dirt. The place got a heavy duty vacuuming and the second floor even got dusted. The bathrooms and kitchen floor are still rather grotty though so if we were meeting for coffee we would have to go upstairs and balance our cups on the bed.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you this weekend I experienced morning glory envy. Riley and I went to a large nature reserve and found this literal wall of Heavenly Blues outside the information centre.

And there was this spot he called The Circle of Life (he cracks me up).

We also met up with someone fishing who had caught this small mouth bass and we were pretty excited about it until he bent down and kissed it a little too passionately before he released it back in the water. I got us out of there pretty quickly after that.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you I am finally ready to concede that trips to the pool are over until 2012. Today I washed all the pool towels and bathing suits and stored them away until then. Although our local pool closed a week ago, on Saturday we went to a friend's house who has a pool with a heat pump (yay!) and that day it was warmer inside the pool than outside. I would show you what I snapped when we were sitting in her hot tub, just because he looked so darn cute.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you that on the aforementioned walk through the nature reserve I saw so many different mushrooms that I'm thinking of making a new regular post called Mushroom of the Week.

Which would segue me into realizing how little I've posted at this home away from home over the summer and how I've really reduced my Chicklet identity almost exclusively to Virtual Coffees. But I would be quick to qualify I don't mean that in any kind of derogatory way, just that more often than not I've tended to save my thoughts up and spill them once a week.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you how Riley is heavily into a phase where almost all his sentences start with, "Remember when..." And then he will describe something that could have happened ten minutes ago or back when he was two years old and it has been keeping my under-performing memory hopping.

And if I had more time I would love to tell you about Toby and Roosevelt, two rescue dogs who are hoping to be adopted together and who have more energy than Riley

and all the colour that has been jumping out at me like the tray of berries I froze for smoothies later this fall

and the bowl of pesto I whipped up, but knowing you, you would tell me it looks like bats' barf

so I would threaten you with The Karate Kid if you kept insulting my cooking skills

and then say let's go poke Amy at Lucky Number 13 and see how she's getting into the new school year.


Cheryl said...

Pesto....reminder of something edible from my childhood. We called it "Barf on Toast". You don't want to know! I'm hoping you'll be doing something more than just coffee. Like the occasional lunch.

thecatalanway said...

I have to tell you that when I read your virtual coffees I think I love you! Hope that doesn't sound too creepy but I just love how you write and make me laugh and also give me a sort of poignant feeling about life. You touch on important things but just ever so lightly. You are clever and I do hope we meet one day.
I like the mushroom of the week idea. Great pictures of Riley - he looks fantastic and I envy you for having him around. However did you manage to clean the whole place - so impressed. and those doggy faces....hope they find the home they deserve. Barf on toast is genius.
Have a good week and yes Tuesdays arrive so quickly I can't believe the week has passed by. someone has turned up the speed I think. Kxx

Beth said...

I would never intentionally insult your cooking skills, but I think I’d prefer one of your smoothies to the bowl of pesto... ;)

The Karate Kid is looking good – both in uniform and in the hot tub!

Brooke said...

The guy kissing the fish freaked me out a bit. Wow. People are weird! Love all the shots of Riley, the Kirate Kid one rocks. I would love if you could come and de-dirt us over here too ;D With boys living under this roof, I doubt it will EVER happen ;D
Have a good one!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Umm...fish-kissing? No thank you. BLEAH. But oh those berries look amazing. And make me think of all the berries I'm missing out on. Not that we have a shortage of fruit here. But berries are so lovely and perfect for PIE.

Oh, and ditto to what thecatalanway said above. I love coming here too for precisely that same reason!

Kim Mailhot said...

so much good stuff...
love the karate kid !
funky mushrooms, as always !
Fish kissing must be a Canadian thing ( ;0) )
Yummy delights to keep at least the taste of summer around for a while...
two beautiful pooches !!! How do you resist them ?
Missing you !
Hugs and love !

Anonymous said...

LOVE the mushroom idea - Alain would sign up for your blog if you did that! I keep showing him your photos & he just loves them.
Of course I love your words too. It always gives me a funny feeling know you`re ending your summer & I'm just hitting spring, & our lives just go on on opposite sides of the world.
I'm having my real coffee as I read your virtual coffee .... perfect!

oreneta said...

So, do you take notes over the week or can you remember all this as you sit down??? I would so be forgetting things

Paula said...

Your posts just crack me up! Your voice comes through loud and clear and I think it's why I enjoy them so. It's like sitting down with a good friend. And, oh, I do love that karate kid!

Anonymous said...

Being that I have never seen bat barf, I would totally try your pesto. Although I'd be more interested in your fruit . . . yummy! And if I came over to your house, you would absolutely not have to worry about your floors b/c I can pretty much guarantee they are about 500% cleaner than mine. ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope your day is delightful!

{Amy} said...

hahahahaha...that is something my kids would say, that my food looked like barf ; ) sad, but true...and they just might be right. your karate kid looks pretty cute and the cleaning oh i need to do that, a good deep-clean, not just straightening and organizing but a serious clean. the nature preserve looks really cool, love when we find spots like that. thanks for coffee and the laughs!!

Sherry Smyth said...

I think it is because of your virtual coffee posts that we have been able to keep up with you over the summer months in such a delicious way. It's a wonderful summary of the activities in your life, the things you are seeing and doing and this will be something tremendous for you to look back over during the winter hibernation and remember what a delicious summer you had!!

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