Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{Virtual Coffee}

Can you believe it's Tuesday again and the end of September already? If we were meeting for coffee today I would say let's sit outside because I want to soak up every minute of this sun and 70 degree weather.

If we were really meeting for coffee today you might ask me what happened to my foot

and I would tell you that this karate class Riley and I are taking is much tougher than I thought it would be. Last night I thought I had broken my foot but this morning it wasn't swollen, only bruised and I can walk on it with minimal pain. The teacher reminded us that karate is a combat sport and not ballet and that she didn't want to hear any, "Ow! Ow! Ow!s" or any "Boo Hoo Hoo's". I have an inkling I may be in over my head. Especially when, during the last ten minutes of the class the more advanced belts stopped, suited up and did actual combat. What really freaked me out about it was how much Riley was a keener - my usual peaceful, non-confrontational son was so excited at the thought of getting to that level. Help.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you about my girls' night out last week, the first one in two years and show you Linnear's Killer Shoes*.

I would also tell you that while I was out partying iMan and Riley engaged in some property defacing and would admit that this particular act of vandalism, writing in wet cement

is something I have always wanted to do.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you about a new unpaid and thankless job I have been corralled into, that being a third grade math tutor. Riley's teacher this year is new to the school and more or less new to the profession. She offers a stark and welcome contrast to his grade two teacher who retired at the end of last year and who was wonderfully old-school. But his new teacher has very high expectations, in my opinion a little lofty for the beginning of grade three. Nightly Riley and I are working math until we are both nauseous, we even had 8 pages of math over the weekend that had me both cross-eyed and seeing red. Then I would also admit that the house has succumbed to its first of the school year viruses which, all in all, is pretty good since we usually get invaded within the first days of school.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would say I am woefully short of photos this week and short of words so maybe we would just go over to Amy's Lucky Number 13 and see if she has any extra of those Hillbilly Lattes laying about.

*These are not my shoes, but Linnear's. I could never wear these for even a minute, I'm not nearly that brave.


Snap said...

Karate is good for you!!!! Really! Love the shoes ... looking at them ... would never be able to wear anything like them ... foot too wide and arch too high .. but I can admire them! I've always wanted to write in cement, too. 8 pages of math homework??? ACK.....

Beth said...

More shoes??!! ;)
BTW, the shoes I wore Saturday night destroyed my toes. They're going to Goodwill.

Cheryl said...

Virus? Blah!
Shoes? Ow!
Karate? Better you than me!
Weather? Soak it up.....

Sherry Smyth said...

Nice shoes!!! I can wear those but only for short periods of time!! Used to be able to wear them all the time!!

Not loving the sound of this karate class...I'd be heading for the door as quickly as I could. Sounds intense!!!

And I so do NOT miss math homework. UGH!!! I never liked math when I was in school, my boys don't like it and all I can think of is tears and frustration!!!

Enjoy this weather though it's hard when you're fighting a virus. Be well!!! ♥

oreneta said...

Lovely to hear from you again, I have to find a video I watched about how to make Vietnamese coffee...my FAVOURITE; especially iced. Let me go see.

Kim Mailhot said...

Ouch! I am way too woosey to do karate! That is for sure. I think tai chi is more my style.
Not sure what to say about teach and math...just doesn't sit right with me that there should be so much extra work happening at home. You are a good momma, Kimmypoo.
Missing you.
Will try and call you Thurs.
Hugs and much love!

Anonymous said...

You gave me the giggles. I don't know you, but I can totally see you in each of these situations. The things we get ourselves into. =)

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Yeah...I'm pretty sure I'd be looking sideways at the door in that karate class. Boys will be boys, I guess. My hubby is pretty peaceful too, but I know he loved karate when he was younger. Something about just knowing you *COULD* defend yourself if necessary. I'll stick to yoga, myself. :)

And 8 pages of math?! UGH. Sympathies, my friend.

Lis said...

So much my dear friend! My girl LOVES donning the padding combat gear and going at it in martial arts class and yes, she "by accident" kicked the Master you-know-where!

And we had our first real dose of homework yesterday! First grade! 3 pages of writing and then prep for a spelling test. it ended in tears and me wanting the wine bottle ... sigh ...

Remember I wrote that I wanted to one day find one of your painted stones? The first day in Squam I was walking up the road and smack in the middle was a stone saying "Your purpose is to be" and my first thought was "Kim was here!" So a proxy stone (and I found another the next day) until I can stumble upon yours :)

I hope you are both better soon ... and enjoying this last gasp of summer! xo lis

{Amy} said...

ouch, i have broke my foot and it is so painful and slow healing. be careful! good for you for hanging in there with the karate class...i think i would be pretty intimidated with it myself but still sounds like fun. ugh.....math tutoring sounds like an actual nightmare to me, i bet the 3rd graders could tutor ME in math : ) that part of my brain just doesn't really seem to work how it should. thanks for coffee today! oh and hooray for a girl's night out!

Paula said...

Ugh....8 pages of math on the weekend? That's horrible!!! High expectations are great, but I'm not seeing this as a good type of expectation. I never even give my kids the whole page...maybe just the odds or evens or some such thing. Course we're talking sixth grade here, but still.
Love the shoes!
I only ever took one karate class. The instructor directed me to punch him...I did and knocked him flat. He then qualified it with "Well, let me know when you're ready next time, ok?" Phil and I still laugh about that one!

Claire said...

finally getting to catch up with coffee dates... my internet's being a pain, so i couldn't see any of your pics :( but i did enjoy hearing your news - as always :) thanks for your comment xxx