Tuesday, September 20, 2011

{Virtual Coffee}

Hello Tuesday, it's time for Virtual Coffee. If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you I'm hoping for a slightly calmer week than last. I actually told someone today that I am "almost" embracing the autumn. And maybe I should capitalize the "A" in almost. The weather has been delightful and although I am missing the warmth of the days, there is something in the air (other than the fertilizer from the pig farms on the south shore) that is bringing in something new. Riley and I saw something in air the other night

and even though it's hard to tell, that is a shot of some geese flying south. We stood on the sidewalk and shouted at them to come back, don't go! But they didn't listen. A few neighbors came out to see what was going on and that just kind of sewed up our reputation on the block.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you that yesterday I discovered:

1) ALL my shoes squeak and I want to know what's up with that because it's making me feel like an old fart; and

2) "LOL" has now pervaded business correspondence as I found it peppered throughout an email at work and even finding myself finding it unprofessional makes me feel like an even older fart.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would segue that last fart talk into a something that happened at our karate class last night. Yup, "our" karate class because both Riley and I are taking it. I guess I ate a little too heavily before rushing off to class because I had, well, a little uncomfortable gas throughout. At one point when we had to yell out "hai" at the end of a sequence of movements, I opened my mouth and out came a "BRRRAAAACK!" but I would tell you that I was very grateful it came out the end that it did.

If we were meeting for coffee today I might ask you if you remember me telling you last week how grotty my kitchen and bathrooms were. I would say that a good sign that your kitchen is really dirty is when your babysitter decides to clean it in your absence. Needless to say I found that a little embarrassing and got on the bathrooms immediately.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would say that despite the crazy buzy last week, I didn't think I had that much to say but it turns out I was wrong. You might say you think my house smells a little bit smokey and I would tell you that earlier this morning I was smudging the house and set off my smoke alarm. The one that is connected to the house alarm which is connected to a loud speaker in the house which is connected to an external central station in the same kind of way the knee bone is connected to the hip bone. Luckily I managed to convince the alarm company to not send the fire trucks but I would also confess that I bent the truth a little and said I had a cooking accident, fearing what they might think if I had said I had over-smudged. The idea of intentionally getting something to smoulder inside one's house doesn't usually sit well with insurance companies.

And lest you think that my life is just one hysterical moment after another, I would ask you if you think there could be an uglier word on planet earth than "oncology". With due apologies to those who work in the field and do so with gentleness and sensitivity, every time I hear the word I wish that it was called something else that sounds a little sweeter. My mom is making her game plan with her doctors and it will be a tough haul these next months.

And because I hate to be maudlin I would show you something I found in my closet. I bought these last May and immediately forgot about them for sandals and bare feet.

They are kind of like Ugg shoes and I have been wearing them everywhere.

I would tell you about some guidance received from the Universe last week. Right after I announced my birthday give-away, I chose this rock

and I read it to mean that my personal stock is always replenished so why not give more?

If we were meeting for coffee today I couldn't help but share with you some of the photos my mother passed down to me last week after grousing that my sister had absconded with all the family photos. It was astonishing to realize that these are my people

I love how the women in long skirts all hold their children close to them and how often they are wonderfully uncentered like this baby standing in a corner

or my mother and her mother off to one side

or unfocused, although there was a time when it was considered to be more artful to have them unfocused.

I would introduce you to, "Our John",

show you how Arthur loved his Grandma,

and wonder how many of them came back from war.

Here is Uncle Edwin at 82 years old - it appears there is longevity on that side of the family,

Hannah and Agnes as "Babes in the Woods",

Harriet and Bessie "about 1900"

a hand painted one,

and amongst many, many unlabelled and undated ones, these two are my favourites

This one is another Harriet and dated 1910 - just over a hundred years old and is in ridiculously good shape.

I also love this one of my dad and my niece (she is almost 30 now)

and this one of my grandmother on the New Brunswick shore - I never remember her smiling so happily.

And there were a few less flattering ones like me with our family dog when he was just a puppy

and four generations of women, that's me - the foxy one on the far left.

Seeing this photo was so illuminating because I never thought of myself as ever having had long hair, at the time I always felt it too short to pull back or put up or style in different ways and I also never thought of myself as particularly foxy and it's kind of sad that it has taken me so long to feel good about myself, but better late than never I would say.

And before I head over to Amy's Lucky Number 13 to make her some chicken soup, I would leave you with some sound advice from a postcard to the seasick: Keep your mouth shut.


Kim Mailhot said...

I love this post and all the bits you share, foxy one !
Yes, Oncology is ugly. But I think it would be with any name.
Senging you big Ugg hugs !
Almost attached to this season myself...
Love you !

thecatalanway said...

How fantastic - I could be the first! If I don't write too much that is!
Lovely loveliness. Laughed at the old fart things - I hate LOL - I'm never sure I want people to have lots of laughs at what I say. Well yes I do want laughing but not LOL laughs.
Why do shoes squeak - doesn't anyone know and how can we stop it? I have a terrible pair bt I love them and can't quite throw them away.

I like the word segue - am impressed.
You look great in all photos - I too look at old ones and think ' what a pretty girl' So why did I feel so ugly and ashamed at the time? What I try to do now is remember that the same applies. One day I will look back at photos of my age 54 and think ' what an attractive woman' therefore....believe it now.
Hard though!
Sorry about your mum - glad you mentioned it though so we know a little more what things you are dealing with.

I cannot believe it is Tuesday again it swings by so fast. See you next week! K x

thecatalanway said...

I knew I would say too much and come in second! K x

Beth said...

I love how amidst your hectic (and often amusing!) life, you always manage to capture some beauty – either with pictures or with your words.

And if you’re an old fart, so am I. If that’s any comfort...

(So sorry to hear about your mother.)

Trish said...

amazing post! i'd love to have coffee with you, looking thru all those photos! sounds like a good time :)

Cheryl said...

Okay, first, I needed this post because I really needed a good laugh and got one - fair and square.
If you're an old fart, what am I? So many years older than thou.
You look great in those photos. You actually have aged really, really well!
As for the Oncology Department, I think it should be the Hope Department.

{Amy} said...

oooh, i would love to really meet over coffee so i could look at these pictures in person. i'm sure it won't surprise you that i love looking through old photos even when i don't know the people in the pictures. you are a total fox in that picture by the way! oh my god, you never fail to crack me up with your stories...too funny! thanks for the bright spot in my day!!

oreneta said...

Old farts UNITE!!!! I'm with ya....and those photos? Those are fabulous.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Oh how lovely to be able to see all those old photos! Must be so fascinating. And for sure - total fox you are!

I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I hope things go well with her treatment plans.

I literally laughed out loud when I read about your karate class - and again with the advice to the seasick. Thanks for sharing! I always love stopping by your space. :)