Friday, December 23, 2011

Releasing Ceremony - Welcoming Back the Light


Beth said...

Beautiful, moving and inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

Have a Merry One!

Lis said...

I am loving the fact we both faced our impatience and expectations within the actual smoldering of our bundles. Ah ... needing to know why ... I need to burn that one separately! Yes, we are Sisters in Smoke! I am in awe of the beauty of this and the Beauty of your spirit and soul. Thank you for being such a light in my life.

And now ... am raising a glass of grog in our honor (because I know how sore your thumb must be from the repeated lightings) and because I know you will join me in the merriment.

much love to you and your sweet little man.

xo Lis

Sherry Smyth said...

Great video!! Great choice of music. Great Rocks!!!! :)

I love that you released everything that you released...all your fears...all your negativity...and your need to know "why". Frida, that one is a time let it go!!!!! I learned that one the hard way.

Let your spirit heal you and may you find peace in the ceremony.

Love you girl!! xo

Kim Mailhot said...

I love you and your artist soul, my friend. Enjoy the gift of freedom you have given yourself. Brava!

Ellena said...

Lovely, the wind can now take care of the ashes - all gone.