Friday, December 16, 2011

Virtual Vermut

Oh my stars, if we were meeting for vermut today I would say I am sorry for dropping off the face of the earth and wonder, has it really been two weeks since I showed up here? I would tell you that I have been really sick - flat on my back sick with some kind of super bug that wouldn't succumb to any of my usual bag of tricks and so I just had to ride it out.

If we were meeting for vermut today I would introduce you to Harriet

who you couldn't help but notice since she is sitting right on the end of my nose. Harriet, the virulent pimple that appeared the night of the office Christmas dinner, naturally.

I would tell you that one of my latest challenges has been how to have time to both live and to blog about it but I wouldn't have to tell you that I have let the blogging part slide, including leaving comments for those who always show up for me and I would want this to serve as a humble apology for lurking.

If we were meeting for vermut today I would show you some of our outdoor lights lit up

but admit that it is not easy to take decent pictures in the dark.

I would tell you we got our Christmas tree last week

which is a little bigger than this one

but we are still waiting for some snow to make it feel a little more festive.

I firmly believe I can live without the white stuff but I know it is coming and so we might as well have a bit to brighten up these dark, dark days which would be a nice segue into a light bulb moment I had last week.

After unscrewing a burned out light bulb I noticed that it was 52 watts. Not 40 watts. Or 60 watts. But 52 watts. Have you ever?

I would tell you we got the warm and fuzzies last Sunday when we joined the scouts going door to door collecting for Christmas baskets.

It was astonishing the sheer amount people gave from their cupboards which took the sting out of those who peeked from behind their curtains and didn't open the door to us.

If we were meeting for vermut today I would ask you if you ever felt the irony when, once you have managed to twist yourself into a perfect pretzel in a yoga class, the instructor says, "breathe naturally" when you can do anything but. And I would ask you if you thought it was an insult or a compliment when, after spending two hours in a chair at the hair salon, nobody at home notices a change in your look.

If we were meeting for vermut today I would tell you that during my blogging absence I have had to deal with some pretty ugly stuff, much uglier than Harriet. And I would tell you with certainty that racism is alive and well in my son's school. I have been sitting on the fence over one particular incident, many have advised me to go higher up on the ladder, all the way to the school board and without revealing the details I will say that it left me angry and shaken and it was probably a good thing that I was as ill as I was when it happened because I didn't have the energy to have a full blown reaction and knowing my temper, you would agree my Virulent Virus was a blessing.

And while we were on the subject of Riley,

I would tell you a story that would make you cry. Yesterday I took him to see Santa after school, we hadn't yet been able to get to the mall for our annual visit. When he was asked what he wanted for Christmas, Riley said, "peace on earth". Santa asked if he would like something just for him and he answered, "No, no - I'm good". Santa was kind of stunned and admitted that was a first for him. So with that attitude I am putting my anger and trembling legs into my releasing bundle

that I will be burning on December 22nd as part of Pixie Campbell's Mother of All Releasing Ceremonies. I have been accumulating plenty of things I would like to release, material and emotional baggage that I am ready to fire up and send off. Judgment makes up a big part of my bundle and I would ask you why it seems easier to release judgment towards a total stranger than towards someone you are close to. I am throwing in fear and uncertainty and mean spiritedness and impatience and a whole lot of other things that no longer serve who I want to be. That will be some bonfire and I will say that I will try to take some pictures to show you next week. Then I would say let's go over to Kate's because she is back in her Catalan digs with Bonnie and Blue and could use some help with her bottle of vermut.


Snap said...

I think you need a big {{{{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}}.

(word verification was *weeze* ... hmmmmmmm)!!!!

Elisa Black said...

Hi Bodhi! It's been awhile. I've been behind on reading blogs and haven't been posting much myself. But doing a lot of sewing of homemade gifts. So sorry to hear about your awful virus. And thank you for introducing us to "Harriet"-- love that you gave it a name, and its Murphy's Law that it appeared for the office party. I had a very nice Harriet on my wedding day! Thank goodness for translucent powder and foundation. Riley's holiday wish is really sweet-- he's got a big heart. Perhaps I should introduce him to my children who always want to go to the store and get a toy (and they have too many already!) So sorry to hear about the racism incident-- perhaps the delay in reaction has given you time to calm your emotions and gain clarity on whether or not you want to pursue the issue. Your symbolic releasing ceremony sounds very interesting-- I'm gonna go check out that link. You really had a little bit of it all in there-- a tough issue, a tender/heartwarming visit with your son and Santa, an illness (that I hope you've now fully recovered, from) and the Christmas basket collection. But I guess that's just life-- a whole big mixture of things. Wishing you a good weekend!

Beth said...

Your son is wise and blessed – and knows he’s blessed. Well done, Mom.

If I didn’t have a fear of fire, I’d have my own Releasing Ceremony. Next time I’m by an already existing roaring fire, I’ll toss in my (large) bundle of negatives…

Perhaps Harriet would like to meet Hernandez – who resides on my chin? My boys call these “heaters” – as in (this morning), “Nice, heater, Mom.”

Glad you’re finally feeling better. :)

Sherry Smyth said...

Snap is right you do need a HUGE Hug...a group hug would be good.

Love that boy, I really do love that boy!!! ♥ What a fine job you are doing of instilling all the wonderful things that matter into his tiny but ever expanding heart!!!

I do adore that little tree that is just Riley's size...but I am glad that got one a little bigger!!!

As for Harriet and pretzel breathing...woman you may have been flat on your back sick but you haven't lost your sense of humour!!


Cheryl said...

Glad to see you're better. I really missed you. I LOVE Riley! He is just so wise for his age! If you had posted a picture of the new style, I would have commented!


Lis said...

So good to see you back! I hope you are feeling better ... and oh my, Harriet, she IS quite the looker!

I too have been hovering on the edge for a couple of weeks (and blogging my misery which maybe is NOT the thing to do) and gulp! we still have to get our tree, so you are ahead of me on that!

I am thinking my little scrap o'fabric in no way will be able to hold all the things I need/want/desire releasing. Instead of the Northern Lights, just look South on the Solstice and when you see a blaze, you can say "There goes the Nebraska signal."

Big {{hugs}} and I will join you in a virtual scotch 'cause that's what my ailment has reduced me to ...

xo love always,

oreneta said...

KIM! You look, ummm, shockingly unwell....not Harriet so much as those dark circles around your eyes! TAKE CARE of yourself, OK? Riley seems to have his head screwed on right. Can we have him for PM when he grow up, though I would hate to wish that on him.

Hang in there. Hugs and take care of yourself.


thecatalanway said...

I thought I commented here yesterday but now i see I didn't! that's how confused my brain is at the moment.
I agree with all the others - it's great to see you back, it is also fine when you need a rest from blogging or commenting on blogs, you have a wonderful son and it is a huge credit to you that he is so centred and easy in himself that he doesn't need to feed too many "I need" demons. Also I agree with Oreneta that you look exhausted and so please rest and take it easy and don't try to get too much done in this week. Let go of what you need to let go of but also, hold some energy to yourself just for you! love and a hug Kate xxx

Matawheeze said...

Good to know you are on the mend from your "Out with the old" year end virus. I'm preparing my own Solstice Offering of let-go-of stuff to drop in the bonfire at our local library Thursday night. After 64 years wouldn't you think the list might have gotten shorter?

I hope you get your snow. You are welcome to any that might have thoughts of dropping here along the Oregon coast. Let it bless your holiday and bring health and happiness your direction... ~M.

Kim Mailhot said...

My poor Buddy ! I am glad you are getting all these virtual hugs but I so wish I could give you one in person. I would even ignore Harriet and give you a big squish!!!
I hope the little bright lights bring you some peace in the coming days.
Love you, Brave One !

Ellena said...

Very pleased to see you back.
And....judging by Riley's upbringing, I can't believe that your releasing bundle is as big as you say.
Enjoy the ceremony and make sure all is reduced to ashes or else you'll have to deal with skeletons.