Friday, December 30, 2011

Virtual Vermut

Happy Friday my friends. And because it's Friday, you know it's time for Virtual Vermut! I almost got lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I'm glad I made it in time to show you some of my favourite shots like our Christmas socks

my favourite advent calendar I actually crafted a couple of years ago from a piece of large green felt, magnets, beads and some trinkets from Michael's.

And then I would want to show you some of my favourite tree decorations.

If we were meeting for vermut this afternoon I would tell you I really felt like Santa once all the gifts were wrapped and re-hidden in this large - ahem- garbage bag.

I had to remind everyone to not throw it out, but there was little danger in that as it is a most rare occurrence when someone other than me takes out the trash.

If we were raising our glasses today I would tell you that the day of Christmas Eve was really cold. How cold? So cold even the dog got an ice beard when we went out to deliver Christmas cards.

And we finally got a little snow - not that I am complaining - but someone in the house was bellyaching over the possibility of a green Christmas.

We were able to take a walk on Christmas day and leave some special rocks in some of our favourite places.

And then since we were getting a little silly I would introduce you to my optimistic thermometer, to which I always need to subtract an additional five degrees (celsius). This morning it read this

when it fact it was this outside.

But as painfully cold as it's been the last few days, we had one day near freezing when we were able to go out for a ski. Riley had wanted to do this trail

since last year. And my muscles will tell you that we did every one of the 11 kilometers of the Rabbit trail which was kind of foolish (at my age) since it was our first time out this year.

But it was worth it because we saw a couple of babbling brooks

tee pees

and I saw a lot of this

Drinking our hot chocolate later we made some art out of the donut sprinkles

If we were meeting for vermut today I would ask you if you have chosen a word for 2012. I would tell you that I didn't choose one for last year and I almost didn't want to pick one for the coming year but with certain events these past few weeks I have decided my word for 2012 is going to be "me". This coming year I intend to take better care of my body and spirit and put myself first on a regular basis. And if I had a fall back word it would be "no" because I intend to put that word in regular rotation in my vocabulary. And then because my vermut has run out I would say let's go drop in at Kate's at The Catalan Way to see if she has unpacked her bottles yet and maybe give her a hand with her dogs whilst she goes away for a few days. But I would say I have dibs on Blue because she stole my heart the first time I saw her.


Cheryl said...

That trail brings back many, many fond memories. Thank you! Since your word for 2012 is "me", let moi be the first to wish you all that you require to meet your goals!

Ellena said...

Each of your paragraphs bring tender moments to my mind and I also wish on you all the strength required to not allow your mind to be called off your good intentions for 2012.
Yes, life is a bit easier when we don't need assertiveness training.

Sherry Smyth said...

what a lovely Christmas holiday you have had and blissful memory making time spent with Riley.

I'm glad that you decided to go for it with "Me". It's brilliant and it is ideal for you to commit to for the coming year. You've earned it my friend! Happy New Year and new YOU Frida!! xoxox

oreneta said...

Doggie ice beards. That's something....never seen it before. Your photos are making me miss winter. Almost. If only it was like that in the cities too and not all grey and slushy and nasty.

Me? Sounds like a good one.

megg said...

What a terrific Christmas! I think that your word for this year is perfect. Hold onto your boots, it's going to be transforming!


thecatalanway said...

Oh you sweety - Blue would love you too I know! She is here with us in our wooden cabin beside the sea. Or actually behind some empty caravans which are between us and the sea. but it is lovely to be away and even the rail line beside us makes me happy as I love the idea we can go out and find waves and sand and sky.
I love the muzzle photos - I send you support and encouragement to find the words ME and NO as often as you need to iun 2012. My word (what a nice idea!) is Open. My love to you and best wishes for 2012 and I promise to be more available with the bottle! K xx

Lis said...

I have the same reindeer felt ornament!

Love the recap of your adventures. My hat is off to you for tackling that bunny trail! We did not have a white Christmas and in fact it has been unusually warm here so a lot of moaning about no sledding but then pleas to go out on the bikes?

My favorite advice which I plan to cling to in the coming year: If my response to a request is not a "Hell Yes!" then the answer is no. (From Danielle La Porte) Unfortunately, I never think "hell yes!" to grocery shopping but there are some things that are not questions/options.

I also know your giveaway partner from the Lodge and I will be hounding her to post your new medicine as it sounds perfect for your 2012 Year-of-Me. (If you have any doubt, I am a very terrier-like hound!)

Looking forward to sharing another Winter with you :) At least we will have the warmth of friendship in the days ahead!

xo Lis

Naeem said...
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