Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{Virtual Coffee}

Good morning, afternoon, evening - whatever time zone you are in come on in, I am pouring a nice hot pot of java and I am sitting here with my favourite Ursula Dodge mug. I am also eating something only slightly out of date and it is only a little bit tart.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you that even though I thought I had been tossed and buffeted by life these past few months that this last week really took the cake but it was cathartic and releasing and has left some bruises and some wide open spaces for growth.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would ask you if you think Riley is looking much older now that he is nine years-old

then show you my rock from last Friday, after an almost sleepless night and many, many tears from the day before

and I would also show you some magic Riley and I found down by our Rock Tree, the little crab apple tree with a natural neat-o cubby where we often leave our rocks. It seems someone left a message for us, all sealed up safe from the elements about what to do

and how to act out loud.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you that it only cost this much to fill my tank

and I would say it was a good thing it was only half empty.

On Saturday we went to The Place That Time Forgot for an hour of fun.

It has only eight lanes and you could rent shoes but they probably wouldn't have your size but that's O.K. because everyone just goes in socks

They try to cover up all the old cigarette holders with hand towels

and we used the built-in table ashtray to hold our Orange Crush and really watered down coffee

but I could imagine this place decades ago, smoke filled and hazy. It's not the first time we have whiled away the hours here and it always makes me want one of these buttons

or one of these

installed in my control panel of life.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would ask you if you have heard of "ass-dialing" because I believe I "ass-snapped" this photo.

And then I would tell you you know it's time to clean the toilet when one of Riley's eight year-old friends says it's time to clean the toilet. So I would suggest you take the rest of our coffee over to Amy's Lucky Number 13 to use the facilities whilst I do a little scrub-up over here.


Roos said...

So sad and so glad to read about your tears, welcome each release with open arms! Sending love and thinking of you (too tired to write any more profound stuff like you always manage to do, but hey, it's already evening here :-))
p.s. Hope your stomach was OK after that stale .. outdated .. what was it anyway?

Sherry said...

Life has tossed you around like a small sloop in the great big sea...and you are still here and you are going to be stronger than you ever thought you could be.

Riley is looking MUCH older....but I think it's time for a "trim"!! lol!!

Bowling...in the old lanes...nostalgia and a break from every day life.

I wish for you calmer seas...or a bigger boat...or both...and with a clean toilet you can take on the world!!

love you Frida!! ♥

thecatalanway said...

Hello there and welcome to the February is an interesting month club!
Glad you are still reading The Book - i saw it lurking on the edge of the page there.
Explore new lands.....Yeah!
Wow all life is there in your post - I raise my virtual glass to you for being able to tell us so much with so few words. When are you teaching the course - I will sign up immediately. I am so wordy.
A big hug coming from sunny Spain....hope you have a peaceful weekend and that the messages from your spirit keep coming and cheering you onward and upward (and inward and downward when that is what is needed:))
love Kate xxx
here we go ....let's see if I can decipher the words.....

Kim Mailhot said...

I have the matching cat mug and it is my fav!

All I can say is that I love you, your bravery, your strength and your love for the simple graces in life in spite of the rough and unruly bumps.

You Rock, Kimmypoo !
Missing you !

Alya said...

Hi Kim, I have that mug! And my kids love mustaches too! And we've painted rocks - but never been cool enough to leave them around for people. I love having coffee with you and hope your days get steadily better but even if they still buffet you around a bit I hope having coffee with your virtual friends helps.

oreneta said...

Hmmm, that's weird, I posted as Anonymous. It's Oreneta over here.

oreneta said...

Oh, and now my comment disappeared. This is so weird. well, if it doesn't reappear, I was deeply sympathetic to your rough ride, I love Riley's moustache and I think bowling is the best, and I'm going to have to do some this summer. Wonder where I'd go here in Spain, that'd be a blog post.

Beth said...

Would love “clear” and “reset” buttons in life. Imagine the possibilities!
Riley is definitely looking older – could it be the ’stache? ;)
(tears can be cathartic – had a long overdue howler the other day…)

Ellena said...

Sorry about the tears.
Soon you'll be enjoying lake-time.
Ha, good thing you were not sitting on your own toilet when you 'ass-snapped'.
I have had very many ups and downs in my life but can't think of anything I would want to 'clear' or 'reset'. You will also get there some day.

Cheryl said...

As I read this, I simply want to waltz over and hug you tightly! Sigh. Riley has aged. Something in the eyes show a profound wisdom. I think the whiskers may interfere with eating good food. Wishing you strength, good vibes and whatever you need.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

I'm sorry to hear your last week (and months) tore you down, but I am glad to hear there was some catharsis and release to come out of it. It is nice to finally come out the other side - and I hope that's how it is for you now.

Those are some magical bits you two found. It's lovely that you find such surprising treasures! I hope it offsets some of that ouch from the gas prices. (Seriously. Ouch.)

But bowling in socks? Sounds like the best fun ever! Thanks so much for the coffee and chat!

Lis said...

You know, when the going gets tough, the tough go bowling! You move through your days with a style and sense of openness and adventure that I truly admire. Sending you lots of love ... and fortitude for those toilets! That was a boy needing a lesson on proper plumbing hygiene and wouldn't his mum be excited to have him come home and show her how it's done? (my husband is the toilet bowl cleaner in the family ... although my girl gets a lot of pleasure out of it ... the benefits of a Montessori education, all that scrubbing ...)
xo Lis
my, i think you made my java extra caffeinated!

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