Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{Virtual Coffee}

Pssst! I'm still here and I'm drinking coffee. So, if we were meeting for coffee today you would ask me where in the heck I've been and I would say I have been in deep counsel with myself and that I am not even part way done yet. I have not been here or at your place unless I stood on the doorstep to drop off a note or to peek in the windows. I have stuck my toe in the FaceBook pond but I haven't gone swimming in a long time. Despite letting the cobwebs accumulate in the corners I have been living and feeling and being present in my life. I have been sitting in circle in the SouLodge and am now sitting in circle with HerbMother.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you these last few weeks have been made up of surprise packages of mail love (thank you Anna Wingfield)


hunting and finding Christmas trees in March

a last (hopefully) snowstorm

snowball sculptures

and snowball trees

snow dunes

snow angels

snow hearts (this one's for you, Kimmypoo!)

waiting for the maple syrup to run



and chuckles

and more coffee


and more crafting

a March break trip to Ottawa and a stay in a lovely B & B

with fresh slices of apple pie on arrival

a four poster bed

and a fireplace in every room

fancy mirrors in the bathroom

with windows

that came with warnings

beautiful and artful chairs

and radiators that are art in themselves

friends' new puppies

other wildlife waking up

and a pancake mix company with a sense of humour (the French word for "fart" is "pet")

And since I was all talked out, I would say let's go drop in on Amy at her Lucky Number Thirteen because she is talking about daylight savings time and I will admit that I can appreciate the extra light at either end of the day.


Sherry said...

You may have been quiet my dear but you have been busy! Too much snow (I love the writing on the car!!!), but time away with the young mister that looked like a great time (if the B&B was any indication). I'm glad that you have been spending some soul time...doing what you need to do because it's what you want to do makes life so much richer!! xoxox

thecatalanway said...

Oh so nice to share a coffee with you although it's rather late at night for me! And I only had 6 hours last night which isn't enuf!
You have been so busy I can hardly imagine you've also had time to do crafts. Love the snow sculptures although I also send you some sunshine waves as it looks pretty cold.

The Catalan word for fart is also PET. Lots of laughs when we saw our first Pet Shop in cornwall.

I like that peek of you in the mirror.
And what a lovely boy!

Well, too much to write about but just glad to see you and let's do it again soon!

K xx

OH BH those lilttle words are going to be the death of me!!! Are you sure you need them?

Kim Mailhot said...

It was good to catch up with you today, my Kimmypoo ! Thank you for the heart love.
Cheers, Sweet Heart !

oreneta said...

Hmmm, erased my comment. I adore guinea pigs, I know that was part of it, and Kate already told you that pets is Catalan for farts,

Mostly it's nice to hear from you again!

Roos said...

Hi there!! Do you mind that I have a glass of vino with your coffee ;-P
I honestly cannot believe you have maple syrup running of your tree... we pay looots of euros for a stupid bottle. One more reason to come over one time and visit!
Good luck with the self counseling...

Beth said...

No matter what’s going on with your inner life, you’re always able to see and capture the precious, glorious moments of life with your camera.
Such a gift – don’t ever lose it!

Love Riley's hair style!

Rosie and Maple said...

No matter the mood your creative juices always seem to be flowing. Lovely textiles on your crafts. Great photos all around and thanks for the cups of coffee.

Cheryl said...

Glad to see you back. I always love a cuppa with you. I love Riley's 9-year-old style! It is too perfect. And the talent behind the camera...well, I love her too!

Claire said...

lovely to see you back - i've missed you :(
lovely photos - except the crawly thing *urgggh*
with love xx

Lis said...

I've have been jonesing for some caffeine ... so good to see and know what you are up to! Oh, and that's me snuggling up to you in Herb camp :) I was pretty stoked to see us "together" in her video!

As always, you leave me breathless and smiling.

Okay, back to your navel and I'll head back to mine.
xo Lis

Elisa Black said...

Thank you for coffee (I'm reading as I'm sipping on mine Fri am). I've been focusing on mindfulness and being present in the moment lately also-- realizing how much my mind wanders outside of the present. I love your crafting projects-- they are beautiful and I love the items from nature that you use in them. What a nice gift to receive in the mail!! And your getaway at the inn looks very nice as well-- hope you had a great time. Spring is starting to appear here (in southern New England)-- don't know what the maple syrup season is holding for us this season as we had a very mild winter. Thanks for coffee-- I enjoyed it!

Snap said...

So nice to *see* you and catch up. Hugs .....

magpie said...

i should be doing without coffee as i seem to have forgotten how to fall asleep and perhaps cutting out caffeine would allow me to remember...

many smiles reading this post. envy you the snow - we've had none all winter, just that freakish storm in october. i guess there's hope, then, for may..