Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Views from my kayak

I haven't posted enough here since Blogger changed the format and every time I do show up here, it feels a bit frantic as I click around finding my sweet spot.

I have been having some sweet experiences like outdoor art for everyone


finding polar bears during an extended, parching heat wave

and out houses right off the secondary highway

not to mention thinking I was candidly photographing a heavily tattooed man only to get home and find I wasn't so candid with my camera.

Life has been hard and strange and exhilarating and I still don't know which direction I am headed any given day. The best I do is show up and sometimes muck along, sometimes grab the brass ring. Just when I thought I had tempered the change blasting through, I feel yet another wave of light and shadow shaking me up and making sure I am exactly where I need to be.



Karen said...

i'm right there myself. i wish i knew the way out.

Snap said...

Good to *see* you and the growing-up Riley!!!! Hugs to you both. Life is a challenge ... exciting sometimes ... too exciting sometimes ... always changing....

Sherry said...

Most importantly you keep picking up and moving forward and finding the little delights along the way. Being where you are right now is difficult as you describe (and you described it so poignantly) but you still manage to see the clouds that can carry you forward in amongst the heavy one filled with rain. Sending you love and lots of hope ♥

Ellena said...

Good to see that you are keeping your awareness open day after day.
I think I know this friendly polar bear.

Cheryl said...

Glad to "see" ya! I expected complaints about the scorcher but then remembered, you do heat better than cold! Happy sailing! Life is but a journey.