Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yup, it's almost here. I am putting the finishing touches on Riley's costume. Last year he wanted to be the chihuahua "Chloe" from the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua, so I got a white sweat suit, attached some chihuahua ears, added a faux diamond necklace, did some face paint and voila! This year he wants to be "Bolt" from the movie by the same name. I was glad to recycle the white sweat suit, I've just finished changing the ears, he has made the collar and the side lightening bolt. More face paint and voila!

I have nothing against store bought costumes but when I was growing up, they didn't exist. Maybe they existed in other more affluent neighborhoods but in mine all the costumes were home made. I remember my mother usually choosing what I would dress up as, which I can understand now because it meant she would know how to put it together. The one year that really stands out for me was the year she decided I would go as Aunt Jemima. I was horrified at the thought, I don't remember why, but in the end it snowed on the night of the 31st and the costume was adapted into a gypsy one since the black face would have run in the bad weather. I feel now it was my mother's presence in my life that was the important part of the night, as I hope my own son remembers the same one day. The rules of the night are all the same, though. No apples, no unwrapped candy, parents inspection before any eating. We lived in an apartment building until I was 9, so a group of kids in the building would do the rounds from the third floor down to the basement, then my father would take us over to the next building and wait outside for us while we did the rounds then. I was happy to hear the police were at Riley's school yesterday, handing out Unicef boxes and talking about safety. Things like that go down much easier when it's not me talking to him about it. I often wonder just how much of what I say he absorbs - often times somethings I would rather he not absorb. But when he tells me how to keep safe I know he knows.

Chloe (stay tuned for Bolt):


sherry ♥ lee said...

Fabulous post!! Love the photo -- and this very cool costume!! Can't wait to see the reincarnation of this into Bolt!!

I'm with you on costumes Kim. We never had purchased costumes as kids and I always made my children's. This year my son bought himself a costume...he's going to school tomorrow as a banana (got it at Value Village). In his 4 years of high school he has never dressed up...this year he and his buddies are doing it because "we're grade 12 that's why" -- like a rite of passage!!!

Personally if he'd asked me, I could have made him a better banana costume that what he bought, but at this age, it's all about how it looks and I get that.

Beth said...

Can’t count the number of times I was a gypsy for Halloween – loved the shawl & the flowing skirt!
Chloe is so cute – I’m sure Bolt will be, too. Eventually, Riley will reject cute and probably go for Hobo or Mad Scientist! (family favourites…)

Penélope Sierra said...

But pictures don't need words, do they?...

Is Beautiful... un abrazo.


oreneta said...

We had the party this evening, and I am horrified to realise that I didn't take a single picture! Gads.