Friday, October 23, 2009

Morning Frost

A few frosty shots from my morning walk. Yesterday's rain turned to snow, then back to rain before it all faded to black. I spent a little time in the shed last night digging out the rock salt and the ecologically green stair de-icer. I braved the cobwebs, glad I only had a flashlight to see around me, but I was grateful because this morning both front and back stairs were a sheet of ice. Yes, it is too soon for all this. I'm hoping next Saturday will be dry and a little milder for all the kiddies out and doing the rounds.


sherry ♥ lee said...

Nasty stuff!! Glad you were thinking ahead to dig out everything you needed...sheet of ice...makes me want to crawl under the covers and stay there!!!

Kim Mailhot said...

Blah ! It really feels too soon ! Glad you had the supplies on hand though.
I hope you find some fun cozy stuff to do indoors this weekend !
Cheers !

Snap said...

I'm looking at your bare feet in your header and your feet/shoes in your latest post ... thems were the dayz!

Beth said...

Snow in October. That is so wrong. Of course, it is also wrong that I just experienced a second power outage within two months! Wind and rain last night.
What we have in common – the use of flashlights due to lousy weather.

oreneta said...

pretty! Way way way way way too early, but pretty.