Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{Virtual Coffee}

If we were meeting for coffee today you would want to keep it virtual because I have come down with yet another cold. And as weird as this is going to sound, I am blaming my mouthwash.

If we were meeting for coffee today you couldn't help but notice that November is almost out the door and on December 1, I've been told, we can start turning on our outdoor Christmas lights. The elves have been busy at work outdoors decorating

and I'll show you some shots next week of everything lit up.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you that Riley and I have been up to some more shenanigans around town

I would ask you if you are squeamish because if you are, I wouldn't tell you about our Breakfast with the Lynx event on the weekend at our Ecomuseum. We got to prepare breakfast toys for these lovely animals

and hide them in their enclosure. It took some creative thinking how to put squash and cabbage leaves together with recently deceased chicks, super worms (like mealy bugs but much, much bigger and quicker), raw fish and sausage casing. I'm not sure which the lynx liked the most, but this chick-in-a-swing was the most popular with the adults, although I had a hard time being cavalier about it myself.

And unless you are ready to call PETA on me, these animals are carnivores and because they are not able to be returned to the wild, they need to be provided for.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would show you the caribou at the ecomuseum

and ask you if you don't think she looks like she could have been Separated at Birth from my old girl.

I would tell you that after last week's teasing bit of snow, we managed to make the perfect snowball

and that I found a moth in the bathtub

which kind of freaked me out more because it is November than because there was a flying insect indoors.

And before we trotted over to Amy's Lucky Number 13, I couldn't help but show you the wooden wolf head we found while scouring for sticks down by the water.

Riley wore it on his head all the way home. It's a truly fabulous piece and it will find it's way into my work at some point. So thanks for stopping by and hopefully by next week I'll no longer be contagious.


Kim Mailhot said...

Oh, how I love little glimpses into your world, my friend !
I love those big ornaments. They must look awesome in the tree!

Love the ecomuseum. Glad you had some good temps and no rain to take advantage of it.

Sorry that blasted cold got you again. Mouthwash, eh ? Maybe killing off too many germs ?

I hope you feel better quickly.
Hugs to you and Riley and keep up the good rocking !
Love ya !

Beth said...

Since whenever I use mouthwash, it makes my eyes water and my nose run, I don’t think it’s so weird. (Or we both are.)
And I didn’t think I was squeamish until looking at the picture of the chick-in-a-swing. It’s like movies/books – I can read scary books but can’t watch scary movies. The visuals do me in.
I LOVE that picture of your “old girl.”

Karen said...

i hope you feel better sweet girl!!

{Amy} said...

oh my god, i just laughed for a whole minute on the caribou and dog twins...that is hilarious! definitely made me smile : ) i hope you are feeling better soon, colds suck, huh? oh and i love you and Riley's little ricks, how cool is that! thanks for coffee!

Claire said...

how i've missed coffee with you!! lovely to catch up - can't wait to see the tree lit up, and the caribou/dog pics are amazing and strange... hope you feel better soon *hugs*

Snap said...

Busy busy!!! I think your old girl and the caribou must share a background ... somewhere ... afterall ... we are all attached! :D :D It's always fun for me to go to animal enrichment days at the zoo ... watching the big cats find the hidden meat ... or the wild dogs going after a goat ... or the lions having their Thanksgiving turkey .... or the bears during the summer with their popsicles .... entertainment to teach. YeeHaw!

Lis said...

I love you and your little man planting stones of inspiration around your world!

That caribou ... screams for her (his?) portrait to be done! How magnificent! And while I am happy lynx had a good time, yes the swinging chick is a tad grisly for my squeamish self (but also fascinating? hmm ...)

Oh my, do you have a law about holiday lights coming on December 1? How civilized! Our neighborhood lit up last week around the Thanksgiving holiday and UGH! Christmas music on the radio is into week two of a month long torture (not that I am anti-holiday music but one can only hear "Simply having a Wonderful Christmas Time" once or twice before toxic levels of saccharine threaten seizures ...

Yes ... love seeing your adventures ... love the stick!

xo Lis

I'm Veronica said...

that lynx is beautiful. Looks like your holiday festivities have begun!

thecatalanway said...

Lovely - I'm just catching up so my coffee is a little tepid! But better late than never and I love your images and all the things you have done this week - so much! What a great boy you have and such lovely times together - envy envy!!!
The best bit though is the two photos - the caribou and your old girl. Love that!!!!! Yes they are sewn from the same fabric. Well noticed.What an eye you have.
Well, time for supper here. Hugs and hope you feel decolded soon. Mouthwash Kills too many nice bugs I think - do we really need it? K xxx
PS zerakin - zany energetic rabbits are kissing in nighties (that was a hard one)

oreneta said...

I do enjoy virtual coffee with you, though I do have to wonder what you're using for mouthwash?

Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

Virtual coffee would be lovely how can I join you guys? Your thoughts are awesome!