Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{Virtual Coffee}

Can you believe it's November? And time for Virtual Coffee? Oh, I know I have been missing in action on all blogging fronts but that's just life sometimes. If we were meeting for coffee today I might fore go coffee and stick to one of these smoothies that I am still drinking even though it's now officially cold out. That is some greens+ with rice milk and flax seed oil and frozen strawberries and cranberries and despite the colour after blended, it is quite delicious.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would ask you if you minded if I showed you some celebration photos from last week since I was otherwise indisposed, like our pumpkins

and the ninja I got to accompany for two hours on the streets.

I would tell you we have had some really hard frosts lately that make everything look as if it is coated in granulated sugar

and after turning the clocks back last weekend I want an extra hour every weekend, maybe even every day.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would say that every time I go to the grocery store these last few months I seem to ring up $140 on my bill. Sometimes it is $142.16 other times it is $146.79 or $143.56 but the first two digits are always a "1" and a "4" and I would say that I challenge my government to say that the annual cost of living is at one or two or even three percent when my grocery bill and the cost at the gas pump has taken more from my pocket than ever before.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would say that we have been struggling with viruses and that I am quite frankly done with the extra time this zaps from my day.

Then I would tell you that I finally cleaned out my fridge and the oldest thing I found was a yeast package that was best before "2009".

If we were meeting for coffee today I would want to show you a real vintage ghost we found on our trick or treating route that our hostess, Amy, would adore.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would confess that I finally killed off this

it may have taken me the better part of seven years, but I finally managed to kill a spider plant. But I would be quick to qualify that after suffering under my tutelage for three years, this cactus

has now revived, but only after I gave it its last rites in the spring and planted it in the garden to live or die as it chose. Apparently it chose life and I have moved it indoors, figuring I can't do more harm to it than a Canadian winter can and this should prove that you should never engage me to take care of your houseplants for even as little as a week.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would have much to say about accompanying 2 teachers and 44 8-year old children on a field trip to the science museum. As if I needed more challenges to my patience and my inner strength, I volunteered to spend the day as such. And I would admit that I did have quite a bit of fun too. There was a giant bubble making machine where you could actually pull up a bubble around you

and this infrared camera showing the hot spots and cold spots on your body. I laughed to see that the end of my nose read "green" which means cold and, like my feet and hands, the end of my nose is really almost always cold.

But I would admit that when we finally got home, I locked myself in the bathroom and told Riley that unless it was bleeding or on fire, not to disturb me for an hour.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you about the letter Riley wrote to Santa on Saturday night. He wasn't asking for any presents but he did seem concerned that Santa wouldn't recognize the house after we moved the furniture around a bit. He also asked Santa what he could do to help him. I just sat, staring at him and then I said, "do you know how much I adore you?" and he answered, "I think it's a lot".

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you about this scouring sponge I bought. It is made out of recycled materials because, like you, I try my best to recycle, upcycle and decycle, but I can't tell which side to use for scouring because what appears to be the spongy side is hard as a rock.

And then I would let you talk to me a bit because everything I have been feeling lately has been so intense and I just know I am being split wide open and it's both scary and a relief at the same time but I just can't put it into words because really, there just aren't any.

And then I would say let's go over to Amy's Lucky Number 13 and catch up with what has been going on in her world.


Beth said...

If the “splitting wide open” brings relief, it must be a good thing? New and change are always scary...
I applaud your “best before 2009” find. I’ve been guilty of harbouring much older items. ;)
And your son – he is to be adored – “a lot.”

oreneta said...

OMGoodness. I don't even know where to start. I'm glad he knows it's a lot, and I am wondering what has happened with the teacher and Riley, cause you posted a while ago about that and I'm just hoping things are going OK.

Smoothies rule.

Hang in there.


Moomser said...

Your pumpkins ROCK!
Also, I've recently found items in my pantry "best before 2007"... do I qualify as a hoarder?
I hope you find your center soon. :-)

Cheryl said...

Baking powder that expired in 2008 still worked! I wonder if the best before dates are a way to increase your bottom line at the grocery store. I too want to hear about the teacher. I love the pumpkins. I send you healing vibes...viruses suck!

Snap said...

Nice to *see* you. Love those pumpkins and the Ninja you accompanied (who should be Santa's ambassador). Amazing how *frosty* can be pretty. I have a vintage ghost that has a black cat at the bottom. Brave girl ... I gave up the museum because I was *tired* of 12 - 16 3rd or 4th graders. Ack!!! My sunburned nose is cold, too! :D :D Giggled about the sponge. Have a few {{{{{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}

{Amy} said...

ahhhh, hope all is okay with you friend. i think your riley sounds like a sweet one, just like my little guy : ) i hope we can both just keep some of this sweetness in them as they grow up. the field trip sounds cool but ooh dear lord, i think i would be drinking a glass (bottle?) of wine in the tub after that day. and 2009? bet i can do better than that.
thanks for coffee -or a smoothie or whatever-this morning.

and yes, you are right, i do love the vintage ghost!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Sorry I'm joining the party a little late, but I'm definitely joining you with that smoothie!

Sorry to hear about the viruses - and the poor plant! But you're better than I am. I can't keep a plant for the life of me. I refuse to take in a plant because I just know I'll end up murdering the poor dear.

Your Riley is a sweetheart. And I'm with you on the intense feelings lately. Part of why I haven't been writing much lately either. Cheers to you, friend, and hope things ease up soon.

Kim Mailhot said...

I love how you and Riley love ! It always fills up my heart when you share bits of the little adventures that you share with him.

I know all about the intense stuff. If you need to vent about what being split wide open means or just want to be distracted by other stuff, I am here for you, Friend.
Much love to you!

Matawheeze said...

I missed you. Glad you are back - and well - and recycled?

Life Line said...

I enjoy coming here to visit your Blog. Thanks for sharing....