Friday, January 6, 2012

Virtual Vermut

It's Friday, so it's time for Virtual Vermut! If we were meeting for vermut this afternoon I would ask you if you know how easy it is to suck up lego with the vacuum? And you might laugh when I say it's a credit to my lack of housekeeping that we have any lego left at all.

If we were meeting for vermut today I would tell you I have proof of global warming and then show you the mosquito that is alive and well in our house in the northeast of North America in January.

Which would segue well into this sweet gift of a print I got for Christmas.

I do love me some Dalai Lama.

If we were meeting for vermut today I would tell you these last two weeks I have slept in so many days but I think I should look a lot better than I do after all that excessive sleeping. And while we're getting physical I would say that even though I am sad to see the holidays almost over, I am not sad to see the end of "Christmas is coming" spam that was flooding my inbox trying to get me to buy Viagra.

If we were meeting for vermut today we would probably talk about the weather, or rather - the lack of it. We spied this sidewalk kamikaze and chased him down the street, just for laughs.

But when we have had a little "weather", it has been either quite beautiful

or dreadfully cold. So cold, in fact, it forced me to try on my new yoga socks one morning as my yoga room is also the coldest room in the house.

But after a few poses the toes didn't stay on and my feet ended up looking like mutants from the olden days when toes socks were first fashionable.

And then because we would both laugh nervously thinking about our old rainbow coloured toe socks, I would show you a giant bowl of tea - David's Tea(s) to be exact. A girl can't have too much chocolate, money or tea! And I would admit that I just might be addicted to the combination of Green and Fruity, Organic Green Seduction and Rooibos de Provence.

If we were meeting for vermut today I would show you something funny I got in the mail this week from my bank -

and say that at first I laughed out loud. I mean, who is financially prepared? And then I was kind of ticked off thinking how audacious of them to send this kind of mailing out after loosing a substantial chunk of my investments this last calendar year.

And then just before you left I would show you something really scary from the grocery store shelf that just can't wait until next Halloween

and wonder if you would dare eat any. I would be too afraid I would glow in the dark. And you would go out into the cold and I would head over to Kate's at The Catalan Way because she got the King in the holiday cake yesterday so she is in a celebrating kind of mood.


Sherry Smyth said...

I love Friday when I can come here for some enlightment or laughter...those socks!!! I had the toes of many colours socks and what a pain to put them on...but these ones with your toes pointing east, north, west and south are cracking me up!

That's just too much snow missy, but I know you would like to get in some skiing so on that count it's not too much at all...but it's making me cold looking at it (we've yet to have much of that white stuff at all...don't know where it is, don't want to find out!!).

As for those glow in the dark berries, this is my year of risk so I'm thinking I'd have to say "yes" I would give those a try!! xox

Have a great weekend Frida!! xoxox

Cheryl said...

Oy, those socks! I remember them vividly. What a craze that was! And the can have them!

Life Line said...

God put mosquito here so we can keep on slapping are self

Kim Mailhot said...

We cannot really complain about this winter so far, can we?
I hope January and February continue to be kind to us.
My toes cringe at the thought of being separated with socks like that. Maybe big woollies socks would work better for cold room yoga?
Wishing you a cozy weekend, lovely one! Love ya!

oreneta said...

Oh my goodness Kim, where do I start! The video was most impressive! The Dalai Lama poster I adore and adore and adore, Eldest loves her some toe socks, almost rainbow coloured too. Though those Yoga ones had me staring at that second photo for a few seconds thinking you'd done yourself some harm, or were a most amazing yogi able to do that with your toes!

Off to Kate's now! You two have to get together some day.

Lis said...

You consistently make me laugh out loud! Ah ... more of THAT in the new year, please!

The multicolor toe socks - OMG - I would wear those with my "buffalo" platform sandals and then feel all self conscious but maybe it was the pressure on my toes that upset my equilibrium?

Bravo to you for doing yoga in a cold room ... the other morning I was trying to do a full practice with a blanket draped over me ... needless-to-say, I ended up in savasana early ...

You can send your snow down here!

Woof Woof! xo love, your Nebraska Terrier pal!

Lisa said...

I just love this...I don't know where to start, so I'll just say Thank you. Smiles galore here in Indiana.

Anne Higgins said...

I am very much enjoying reading your blog - love the photos, too.

Best wishes from Anne