Friday, January 20, 2012

Virtual Vermut

Hello Friday, hello vermut. Make mine a double. No, a triple. If we were meeting for vermut today I would tell you what a roller coaster ride this week has been. I would ask you if you know what hatred looks like because I stared it in the face this week. And while details have to remain a little bit sketchy for the moment, until it all gets sorted out, I would admit it involves a child and a pair of very sad adults. Unfortunately it is my child and a pair of adults in his life who wield a certain amount of power in his day-to-day life and it is going to bring change in a big way to our house and hopefully, in the long run, in a good way. I have shed many, many tears this week in anger and frustration and pain for my son experiencing his own pain and one of the things that I have come out on the other side of this with is that I am so grateful I am not capable of that kind of hatred. It has also shown me how much my village cares and that there really are kind strangers out there and I now have some of the resources available to make life better for him.

If we were meeting for vermut today I would say I kissed good-bye this face this morning

as Riley went off on a day of adventure on the train. As much as I have loved this time to myself to do some groundwork for the upcoming change and fiddle around in iMovie, I have missed him.

If we were meeting for vermut today we would, of course, talk about the weather because it has been so flippin' cold. Nose biting, eye liquid freezing, car battery seizing cold. I would tell you that since winter came so late this year, I had almost forgotten how much life gets interrupted during and after a blizzard. Of course the kids still go to school and the adults still go to work - what gets interrupted is everything else like meals and "me" time. And as a weekly check-in for how I am doing with my Year of Me, I would tell you that I am learning that saying "yes" to "me" often enough in the smaller things makes it easier having to say "no" to "me when the bigger things come along because there isn't such an accumulation in my body and mind of "no" to "me". And as a second observation I would say that I am learning I have to push "me" forward and yet remain available to be a cradle where I can land.

If we were meeting for vermut today I would show you this Hello Kitty balloon that blew its way into our backyard

and tell you we had great fun telling the dog to go and get the cat out there while we watched her race around the yard looking for her nemesis. And to try to forget about the cold we picked up pizza at our favourite place last night.

If we were meeting for vermut today I would show you a box of goodies that arrived from Anna from Blossom Blessings. The packaging was beautiful inside and out

that's a brown paper bag from Trader Joe's I discovered when I cut off the outer wrapping

but what was inside, nestled in flower petals was more beautiful. Anna makes magical products and here are a few I ordered from her new Etsy shop. The smudge spray

face elixir

and chakra oils

My chakras are about to get some work done on them in such a gentle but effective way.

If we were meeting for vermut today I would tell you to look outside at the night sky

because it is an amazing mix of greens and blues that you really only see when it's this kind of crazy cold out. Then I would suggest we head over to Kate's at The Catalan Way because it's much, much warmer where she lives and I believe she is expecting us.


Lynna G. said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. Thank you.
Lots to think about and reflect on.

Sherry said...

What an opening video!!

Now,all I can say is that I am incredibly sad that 2 adults, adults who are meant to be MATURE can be capable of hatred..towards a child?? Unacceptable and disgusting.

I don't know the details and I don't know what plans you are putting into place but I know you and I know you will move heaven and earth to make life what it is meant to be -- safe, secure and a healthy environment for your child.

Enjoy that triple...and give that amazing young man a big hug and kiss from me! xo

Anonymous said...

Kim, I love your post and feel very honored to have my creations be a part of it. Especially with your lovely photography. Isn't it fabulous how our soul sistas can make us look better than we can ourselves.

Being a mama can be so challenging and my heart goes out to you and your son. It appears clear he is in good hands and will get exactly what he needs.

Namaste and much nourishment to you and your chakras.

Bodacious Blessings, Anna

oreneta said...

Such a lot to talk about! I am sorry Riley is having to deal with what sounds like so much already and you as well.

You're discussion about me time certainly hit a nerve. I had committed myself to it and this week was such a tornado that it simply didn't happen.....impossible.

Lucky I had backlogged blog posts in fact!

Blizzards huh. I'm gonna go sit in the sun I think. Brrrrrr.

thecatalanway said...

You are doing so well - Me-time means being gentle with yourself when life throws me-time out the window!

2012 is with us and change is happening - we just need to go with the flow. Do you remember 'don't push the river, it flows by itself'?
And 'the river is flowing, flowing and growing, the river is flowing, down to the sea'" All these old ones still ring true for me

Howwwwwwwwwwl!!!!!!!Lovely glass of vermut kxxx

Ps Hey my word verification today is catesp. Kate-Spain! Great.

Cheryl said...

That face of hatred is downright frightening. Hopefully, your loss of "me" time will make everything right in Riley's world. Hasn't the sky been glorious? I hate the cold but love the skies that it brings.

Paula said...

I am holding you and Riley in my thoughts and prayers...consider yourself hugged and know that you are loved. Yes, yes, yes...take care of Riley and you. If I can do anything, let me know.

Snap said...

Hate ... one those four letter words that should not exist. Hang in there Mom. I know you will do what is right and best for Riley. Enjoyed your post and will have to check out Blossom Blessings. The smudge looks good to me!

Kim Mailhot said...

You are amazing, Momma Bear. So proud of you. Seems like a funny thing to say, but I am. I am proud of the beautiful heart of yours and I am proud to be your friend.

Loving hugs to you !!!

megg said...

Sending love to overcome that hatred.

Hope that that spray helps you to claim that space back.


Lis said...

Surrounding you in a big mama bear hug with accompanying pats and assurances that while this might suck, all things do pass and what remains is love. Your son is cradled in your love and you are giving him all the tools to guide and support him.

Sign ... make mine a triple as well and then we can sing crazy songs about mommas not letting their babies their babies grow up to be cowboys or cowgirls and toss another log on the fire and let's give thanks for warm friends on cold days.

or something like that ... i mean, you can't expect a lucid comment after so much vermut?!

xo lis
(so glad to see you in the lodge again ... i think it is The Perfect place right now ... very timely for us all!)

Ellena said...

I read that there is a big storm going on on the sun which is causing all kind of problems in the air and on earth.
I hope that the storm in your life has settled down and that there is now peace of mind in your home.

Matawheeze said...

Change seems to bring growth - though not always welcome or wanted. I hope yours is UPish!

A week late but I looked at our night sky and it looked as it looks 10 months a year-> gray. We either have coastal fog or rainclouds... but it does make the uncommon clear nights so much more intensely beautiful. I just have to wait!

Blessed Be!

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Ellena said...

I hope it is the 'Sacred Space' elixir that has lead you away from your blog and not something unpleasant.

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