Friday, November 16, 2012

The Numinous

Early this year I knew I was seeking community.  I felt a deep desire to spend time with, both in person and virtually, like-minded people on a similar path.  Enter Jane Cunningham.

 I don't remember where it was that I first "met" Jane.  I do remember the first photo I saw of her.  It was a self-portrait taken for Connie's BIG class and you couldn't even really see her face, she was lying down beside one of her paintings.  But her energy leapt off the screen and I knew I wanted to meet her.  It may be that I first crossed paths with her through the amazing Lis Hoffman.  I do know I have been sitting in circle with her under the flap in SouLodge for almost a year and a half.  Jane is real.  She is honest and kind and wise.  She is funny and can swear like a sailor.  She is an Artist, a Mother, a Soul Sista and so much more.  She is also  running an ecourse called Choosing True Over Nice and I can't wait.  Watch this and see how deeply it resonates with you.
Choosing True over Nice - the ecourse. from jane cunningham on Vimeo.


jane louise said...

so very kind of you my friend... can't wait to share a part of my heart with you <3

thecatalanway said...

I ran over here as soon as I saw you! Sounds like a fantastic course - ecourses are such a good idea. I like the sound of your Soul Lodge too. Hope all is going well for you dear friend and perhaps we will manage to connect soon - try try try again, as my mother would say.
love K x

Snap said...

Looks wonderful!

Lis said...

I love our little circle ♥ And I have to say, that photo of Jane by her painting (in the blue coveralls, right?) is one of my favorites!

Had to pop on and say you BOTH inspire me with your wisdom, honesty and killer sense of humor! I guess that is why we all love each other so much?

Gawd ... just had the flash of the 3 of us sitting around a table and it not be virtual Vermouth but the real deal! Think of the laughter, the stories and the swearing? Oh, heaven!

xo Lis

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