Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{Virtual Coffee}

Oh my goodness, it's Tuesday, time for coffee and considering the late hour I am making mine a decaf.

If we were meeting for coffee today/tonight you would be doing the two-cheeked kiss with me because yesterday was my birthday. I would tell you I got to have a good old fashioned lay-in yesterday morning to the ripe old hour of 8:30 a.m. and I would tell you it felt fantastic. As I made my way downstairs I was greeted with my first birthday wish on the stairs

If we were meeting for coffee I would tell you I had an unusual birthday and a really fine one. The weather was kind of crappy but after a whole summer of one hot, sunny day after another I really didn't feel as if I had missed anything. I would also tell you that the first part of our long weekend Riley and I spent at our cottage doing end of the summer things like taking a last kayak paddle on the lake, a last peddle in the peddle boat and our last few swims. We (finally) finished off our last jigsaw puzzle and this shot is for The Queen of Arts who did her fair share of the 101 alligators when she visited us. (There is Riley putting in the last piece.)

I would show you the pot of pansies that greeted us each time we arrived, the first real planting of annuals I have done in many years and I would tell you how much joy I got each time we walked down the driveway to see their happy faces

I would tell you that I couldn't leave last week's mushroom theme alone and will show you a few more specimens we uncovered like these first ones close to our house

they are all so huge, my toes almost got full refuge under these umbrellas. Then there were these spikey ones I didn't notice last week

and the one I wanted to time-lapse photograph, but had to settle for just two photos taken a day apart, Day 1:

Day 2:

These little puppies have incredible growth rates and it is as if you could almost sit and watch them grow.

I would tell you we had to say a few difficult good-byes to some of our favourite things and this little/big guy was so sad all he could do was wave two of his eight legs at us in the hope to antagonize us again next summer.

If we were meeting for coffee tonight I would be sporting the top I bought for myself for my birthday (with benefits to charity which makes it all the better) and which I would tell you arrived just today in the mail.

I adore it but fear for its wash ability as it was hand made in Nepal but the earthy scents of organic pigment are rich and I haven't wanted to take it off since I tore off the packaging.

And I would end by showing you a rock (hand painted by the Rock Fairy)

we left on a neighbour's garden monkey last week which is still there despite horrid weather and I am thinking they either haven't noticed it or keep propping it back up so that we and others can keep getting a thrill every time we pass by.

And then I would say that I am so utterly knackered that I don't think I can even call up the energy to stop by Amy's Lucky Number 13 to score one of her Hillbilly Lattes and will just call it a night and hope that next Tuesday I will be up bright and early with bells on to be a little more entertaining.


Sherry said...

Glad that you had such a wonderful birthday and that top?!?!?! OMG...I love it. It is SO you Kim -- I don't blame you for not wanting to take it off or launder it!!!

Those mushrooms are amazing...you have such a great variety at the cottage...the spiky ones are quite amazing!

End of summer and last of the water fun for another year...glad you and Riley managed to spend some of the long weekend up there.

As for the puzzle...that is so bright, brilliant and frame worthy! The fact that the Queen was working on it with you guys makes it even more special!

Unknown said...

Oh, no worries. Even at this late hour you are still highly entertaining.

Looks like you had a nice last weekend of summer hurrah. But the spider still freaks me out.

I LOVE the rock fairy...wish it would stop by my house :-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wishing you another ROCKIN" year.

Elisa Black said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you!! I love the birthday notes on the stairs :0) And that's a great birthday shirt you picked out for yourself (probably hand wash in cold, eh?) You shared some great snippets-- the puzzle, the daisies, the painted rock, the 2 legs of the spider-- loved them all! It is amazing how the mushrooms just pop up after a day or 2 of rain-- and there is such a variety! The lake sounds like such a wonderful and rejuvenating place-- especially from inside a kayak or paddle boat-- just dreamy. Thanks for evening coffee (great mug, by the way)-- although I'm reading you in the a.m. Have a great week!

Beth said...

I have one more trip to close up the cottage for winter - sad, isn't it? The summer goes by so quickly. (BTW, Bounce sheets do help in the battle with mice!)
I love your birthday present to yourself.

Kim Mailhot said...

Your birthday suit is beautiful !!!! ;-)And what a cool shopping site. Will visit more when I am home with high speed.

Congrats on the alligator puzzle.
Bye bye for now to the summer at the cottage and gratitude for all the place provided this year.

I am also so grateful for how you and Riley keep the rock love going...such fun...

Know what ? I have the exact same mug and it is a fav for my morning brew..Another Kimism ?

Enjoy the glow from a sweet day, Lovely Kim. May it last all through the week!

Becky said...

Happy belated Birthday!

I found a few mushrooms in my yard about that size ugh!

Happy rest of the week to you!

oreneta said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! and great sweater!!

Paula said...

Happy belated birthday. That top is absolutely gorgeous; I wouldn't want to take it off either.