Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yikes, Blogger!  What did you do since I last wrote here?  I can't find anything!  It's as if someone came in and moved my furniture around.  Where is my sidebar?  Where are my options?  And I thought I was dropping in to open the windows, brush away some cobwebs, spruce the place up a bit, you know... And now I'm wasting precious time trying to find my "stuff".  First Facebook lets everyone see what news articles I read (honestly, it feels as if someone has walked in on me in the bathroom), now Blogger hides my "stuff".  It's enough to make me crawl back under my rock and hide or move over to wordpress or squarespace, but that would mean I am actually paying more attention over here.  Now, since I'm here, I'll share a few crazy things that have been rocking my world these last few weeks.

First of all, I dropped, and broke, my camera, my little Canon point and shoot and, shoot, I have missed it more than I thought I would.  My Big Girl camera is heavy and hard on my neck and back and so I tend to not take it along in the same way and the camera in my phone is...well...not my point and shoot.  And speaking of shoot, before it broke I discovered the first mint shoots up in my garden

and a stupendous beetle.  

I had breakfast with Marge 

and Homer

coached on how to blow bubblegum bubbles.

I scored some soccer shoes

hung out with a moose

despaired about graffiti on our school - spelling, anyone?

I have taken exquisite care of myself, said good-bye to the brother of a dear friend, and to the dog of another dear friend (f*ck you, cancer).  I have felt a little prickly

had a hissy fit or two

washed my hair

and spied on the neighbours.

I ordered two bathing suits online and found they both fit - or fit as well as any bathing suit will on this morphing menopausal body (alas, no photos).   I have purged clutter and paid my taxes, laughed one-sixteenth of the way around the block

slowed down

made peace, if not friends with the bandits

and taken a giant leap into the future, with one big toe still back "here" on the ground.  
I have committed to two adventures these next two weekends which will find me travelling near and far(ther).  
I have been absent, present and changing faster than a chameleon could accommodate his own cammoflage.  And it's all been good and overdue and necessary.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Haiku

One Billy Goat Gruff

Two giddy nosey parkers

Love me some Easter!