Friday, August 7, 2009


Well, I am on a tear this week. I've been getting up at my usual 5:00 a.m. but instead of working out or doing yoga, I have been spending the time in the studio until Riley wakes. And then when he's up I turn on the computer and set him up for an hour of Webkinz World or Build-a-Bear Ville dot com. So I've been getting about two hours of studio time, peppered with bits and pieces throughout the day. So I've also completed *e*'s Q29. One of the things I love about these questions is working the small size. It doesn't usually take long, although sometimes it takes me awhile to live with the question and find a creative way to answer it through the various mediums. Another thing I love about this is the variety of tools I'm using, often things I just grab, things I might hesitate to use because I wasn't "ready" or whatever. A little bit like cooking - throwing some garlic into the strawberry flan. And it doesn't matter if it doesn't turn out all that well, there is always another question and another tag around the corner AND the real work is the journalling on the back. This is a collection of "me" that combines my art with my thoughts, feelings, past, humor. It will be a fine collection when the year is up, something for my son for the future in which he can learn parts of me I would never think to talk to him about not because I'm withholding, but just because I wouldn't normally be putting these things down in this format. So, question 29 is, "Do you have a recurring dream?" And in fact I do!

Early this morning I took some photos of my old Singer sewing machine, ran them through BeFunky. com. This one has been Warhol-ized and warped but parts of the machine are still recognizable, to me at any rate. The journalling reads:

"Since I was a young child I have had a really weird recurring dream where I am being chased by a giant sewing machine in a room or place full of pillows and I can hear, see and feel the big needle eating up the fabric as I run...pock, pock, goes and the machine whines and whirrs." I don't see any sexual implications there, although I may be mistaken...

Thanks to Snap, I used my Pitt pen for the journalling and there was no bleeding from the fixative. Thanks Snap!

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Snap said...

You are welcome. I like Q29!