Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend was made up of me going to bed at 5:30 yesterday afternoon (in my flannel pajamas, socks and under my down comforter) and waking up at 7:30 this morning - fourteen hours of sleep. I would wager I'm fighting a bug, which is hard to not get when one day your temperature is in the 80's and the next it is 51 degrees. I also managed to spend $186 doing a quick grocery shop this afternoon, that order did not include any coffee and the only meat bought was chicken wings. Everything gets so much more expensive when our Canadian dollar gains value. Makes sense to you too, huh? I am still a little shaky, hoping to wake tomorrow with the energy I usually have so it's another early night. But I didn't want to leave this for another day, or another week as it is already Sunday night.

I received an early birthday present in the mail from Brenda at the Crafty Chook, all the way from Australia (!), one of her angel canvases and Kelly Rae's "Taking Flight" Book. Good heavens - the mother lode!

And from Sara at Locasia, I received some collage material, handmade note cards and CHOCOLATE!!!! This CHOCOLATE intrigues me, I'm not sure if I should eat it as is or if it is meant to go in hot chocolate - there is a picture of a woman on the front enjoying what looks to be a cup of hot chocolate and since Sara lives in Mexico, the writing on the package is only in Spanish. Ah, what the heck, I'm going to try it as is.

I don't fully know what I've done to deserve such spoiling, but I'm very happy to be on the receiving end. One of my life challenges is to learn to accept. Accept all kinds of things but especially gifts from the heart. So thank you Brenda and Sara for helping me to inch my way along this path.


sherry ♥ lee said...

Learning to accept is definitely a life I am glad you are going to's wonderful to be on the receiving end as much as on the giving!

Now, back to bed and fight that bug!!!

Snap said...

Mail Call is a wonderful thing. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Get well!

Brenda said...

Hope you are feeling better.
Glad to know the mail arrived safely. Better to be early for your special birthday, than late!!!Hugs

Kim Mailhot said...

Glad that you are getting treated so well for your birthday from your friend and that you are learning to accept it. You deserve that TLC too, you know ! Rest and get well, it is a big MONTH !