Monday, August 10, 2009


I went into my studio very early this morning and drew this. It is my focus for today. I need to stay centered and remember to do one thing at a time. I have an obscene amount of things on my list today in preparation for our little family vacation tomorrow. I need to remind myself to breathe and for goodness sake, do one task at a time, finish it before moving on to the next one.


beth said... picture looks the same, but I did add a post it note to my forehead, too !

I have sooooo much do today, too...FOCUS FOCUS !!

what is it about monday's ?

Snap said...

FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS and have a good time! :D

Kim Mailhot said...

Yesterday was my focus day - traveling here to Montreal (I am in Chateauguay right now - waving at you across the River !!!). Today is more relaxing - hanging out in my pal Suzanne's studio and having girlfriend time !

I hope your vacation prep goes smoothly and that it makes up for all the focus time to get there !