Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Question and New Card

Earlier this week I did my tag for *e*'s 42nd question, What is your favorite holiday? Well, duh, I do love Christmas in spite of the fact it occurs in the winter. I love how that holiday takes people off of themselves and into the practice of caring for and about others. The presents aren't bad either, but the season brings a kind of quiet and sense of outward peace that I don't feel at other times of the year.

And isn't it funny, my archetype card this morning was The Teacher.

I think it's hilarious that within days I've pulled both Student and Teacher. So the shadow attributes are, "manipulating or abusing students; teaching negative traits and destructive skills". In my past I have taught creative writing and stained glass courses and I often see myself teaching again but I'm not sure what. I don't think we need to be an expert to teach a subject, just have a healthy interest in it and an open spirit of sharing because true teaching is also learning from your students. I think as parents we all assume the role of teacher and personally the shadow side speaks to me about being a better example to my son about how to roll with the punches and, for lack of a better metaphor make more and sweeter lemonade. Some days it's hard because I'm human, but I'm working on that by sitting under my bodhi tree more often.


Kim Mailhot said...

Love that it is the peace and quiet that you love best about Christmas. I totally know that feeling and I plan on really looking for it this year !

David and I have been doing stained glass together for the last few years - only in the winter - it is nice to have something we can work on together during those long cold months !

I think teaching is a vocation we are born with and once a teacher, always a teacher ! ;)
Have a great Friday, Kim !

sherry ♥ lee said...

Parenting is hard. Hard work, hard on our nerves at times. But it's one of those "hard work" situations that produces so many positive results that we forget that it's work at all. Being a teacher to our children is one of the most important aspects, isn't it? And we get to be the student as well -- they have much to show us and to teach us too.

Love your tag...I'm a Christmas fan myself! :)