Friday, November 13, 2009

November So Far, Examining the Dark

At the beginning of this month I made a commitment to myself to examine the dark. Since then I find I have been less affected by the actual shortness of the days. I will admit that as rotten and trying as October was weather-wise, November has been, so far, a pleasant surprise. We have had an extraordinary amount of sun and some warm temperatures but only a degree or two above normal. The last few nights we have had some very hard frosts. And in the morning I find myself noticing the beauty of this:

and this:

and how our soccer field looks like there is a dusting of snow when it's really just frozen dew:

Walking the dogs by the water this morning we noticed that the ducks are still here although they are starting to congregate, as they will, in clumps of hundreds, facing south, assessing the conditions for their upcoming flight. Here is a pair that dared to come close enough to us despite the canine presence:

Since Trish at Buttercup Beret lauded me for my brutal honesty today, I will admit to having eaten an entire 200 gram bag (slightly less than 1/2 pound) of these since the beginning of this month:

This may have contributed to my surprisingly light mood. Or not. But today I wasn't even bothered by Friday the 13th.


WrightStuff said...

Well we had a beautiful October but now November arrived it is cold, raining, windy, foggy - perfectly yuk. No pretty frost yet though which is a shame as like you I was itching to get out with camera.

Now as for those Hershey kisses... Well, what can I say? I haven't tried that particular variety but if they're anything like the standard version then you are welcome to them! A colleague once brought some back from a trip to the States. It's the only time we have ever had chocolate not only sit there and gather dust but actually get thrown away. I'm afraid us Brits prefer our Cadbury's and all that lovely Swiss and Belgian stuff... Sorry!

oreneta said...

I think that you have a moral duty, in furthering your examination of the dark, to get a bag of Hershey's kisses in Dark chocolate, and tell us how they impact on your ongoing investigation. No? Wish I could help with that, I haven't seen them here.

Snap said...

Chocolate -- the cure for everything! Loved the photos -- beauty all around -- even when it gets cold and dark. Well done!

Kim Mailhot said...

I just painted a new rock my world rock with the following words "Chocolate is your friend". ;)
So as long as you keep chocolate around, you should be fine, right ?Do you want me to bring up a bag of those when I come for our birdie exchange or are they easy to come by up there ? Let me know - I want to keep you comfty in the dark to come !
Enjoy a choclately Sunday night !

Beth said...

And so there is beauty to be found in change - seasonal changes & others. Even in the dark.

Always remember - chocolate is good for you!

sherry ♥ lee said...

Gorgeous photographs Kim!! They look "candied" as in sugar!!

I'm glad that you are facing the dark so well and there's no doubt, the additional sunlight we've had this month has helped immensely. I know it's made a difference for me.

As for the chocolates...they help at any time!!