Friday, April 30, 2010

Ah, Today...

We started our day with a breakfast picnic down by the water. The sun was shining and we could feel the heat by 8:00 a.m. and, oh yeah, it was a pedagogical day. So with a big To-Do list, off we went to set the tone for our day. On the way down Riley suddenly said to me that he feels different. Not different from other days, but different from other kids. Then he said he liked feeling different, so I started breathing again. I love that he does and that he likes it, feels good in his skin. I didn't at his age, I don't remember when I did but I think it might have been just last week. To have accomplished so much by the age of seven! I have noticed lately how he is becoming very much an introvert, preferring to say at home with me instead of running with other kids. Maybe it's a phase, maybe he's cogitating on recent lessons and just laying low. Who knows? Who knows even about ourselves as adults when we go inward. So it was very appropriate that the rock we left behind this morning was this:

I feel so lucky to have been able to spend the day with these:

We have a patch of weird growth that runs down the far side of the fence to the garage. I have haphazardly planted odds and ends there, seeing if anything will take. So far, not much has. This year I decided I was going to try to make something grow where nothing had so far. I was going to till the soil, plant something wild and adventurous then add what was needed to make it grow. Metaphorically it all screamed to me, what I want, need to do with parts of my life I am transposing to this heretofore untameable stretch of weed. This is the "before" shot

and now the "after"

We weeded, fertilized and planted wildflower seeds, hummingbird garden seeds, wild lupin seeds we got in P.E.I. last summer and some Chinese lantern seeds. Now I just need to find a way to dispose of that piece of rotting plywood. Last time we stored a piece of plywood in the garage we invited a hive of over 5,000 bees, but that is a story for another day. As we were cleaning up we caught this little guy having a shower while the grass seed (planted yesterday) was being watered.

It has felt like Saturday all day today. What luck to get two Saturdays this week!


Kim Mailhot said...

"This Garden is Mine to Tend" is a recent journal page I did. Sounds like you and Riley did some excellent sowing today.
Big love and hugs to you both.

oreneta said...

Riley sounds like a very cool kid. Very cool indeed. What happened with the homework situation in the end by the way?

Fingers crossed for your new garden!

Beth said...

There’s always room for new growth – even if you have to battle with the weeds…

Love the tulips in the background of picture # 3 – and, of course, the Crocs!

Happy First of May to you!

GingerB said...

When you get done answering the metaphorical screaming of life, let's get back to the Friday haiku challenge next week. I owe one to someone who is kinda silly but I wasn't silly this week.