Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. Can we do a little something extra to take care of our earth? I try to live everyday as earth day, without trying to sound too pompous. But this was something I have wanted to write about for almost a month now. I have written a few posts about my composter. The supposedly squirrel-proof tumble-design backyard composter that my rather hardy squirrels decimated. Well, they decimated the trap door that is essential to its proper function. I recently wrote how the company, Envirocycle Systems sold me a replacement door for around $20. A bargain I thought. It shipped to me pretty quickly but I was dinged at my front door by UPS for an additional $23.24 in customs and duties. A bit of an insult since the door was originally made in Canada but had to be shipped from the United States. Mike, the very attentive and friendly guy who works for Envirocycle Systems, came running to my rescue once again. The story goes that his company paid UPS in advance for customs and duties so that I wouldn't have to pay at my door. So boo on UPS for double-dipping and yay for Envirocycle Systems who sent me this cheque to reimburse me for the extra I paid out to UPS.

I like to champion companies who go the extra mile for their customers. My mind boggles that UPS tried to get away with billing twice for customs and duties and that with business practices like that they stay in business. It is not the first issue I have had with UPS and probably won't be the last. But three cheers for Envirocycle Systems!


Kim Mailhot said...

Love justice and good old fashion customer service. Here's to a happy composting season! Happy Earth Day !

Beth said...

I hope UPS has someone scrolling the Internet for any mention of their name – and perhaps does the right thing??? (Worked for me with GM.)
Happy Earth Day to you.

I did the dandelion thing this morning… ;)

Seraphine said...

i'm stunned that the customs and duties fee is greater than the worth of the item.
what a crazy world we live in.
at least you never hear about acid rain anymore-- *that* used to be duty free.
happy earth day.