Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Haiku

Until today, we
couldn't buy a day of rain.
I am washing clean

my worries, my fears
another chance to see this
as necessary

the permanence
of impermanence, sadly
eludes me except

when I try to go
with the flow and be aware
of the unpolished

jewels in the raindrops
as well as in the starkly
happy instances


Kim Mailhot said...

Brava, Beautiful One !
May your rainy day Friday be a creative, one full of moments lived well.
Big Love to you !
(PS - I have surprise for you when I come next week ! Yay !)

Snap said...

You're good. Wonderful words. Hugs to you and Riley.

Beth said...

And then there are the unpolished jewels and happy instances that catch us unaware – more blessings... :)

GingerB said...

Hey, that was lovely! My haiku are all a bit silly. Are you taking this up weekly? I did it for ages and then slacked off, but I will if you will. Still trying to finish last week's which was by request and is utterly ridiculous.

"the permanence of impermanence sadly eludes me" - love it!!