Thursday, April 8, 2010

When Bunnies Go Bad

Saturday night I was looking for my rabbit paw print stencil that I thought I had saved from a few years ago. After a diligent but fruitless search, I googled some combination of "easter rabbit paw print stencil template". Much to my surprise the first two entire pages of google results led me to one porn site with naked tatooed women hanging off dance poles (I'll spare you the link). I have to wonder what wag took the time and energy to set that little gem up. What if this person used his/her talents for good instead of evil? I can imagine a world where there are no such practical jokes, frankly I find it revolting that people even think up such stunts. But despite all that I did find a good stencil and we woke on Sunday morning to a bit of this:

And my sweet one reading the answer to the question note he wrote on Saturday night (Where does the Easter Bunny get his or her Easter eggs?):

Answer: Dear Riley. Thank you for the Easter eggs (we had left some pictures of eggs for the rabbit to find). To answer your question, I make my eggs with my rabbit-magic. Keep on believing in magic your whole life and you will see it everywhere you go. (signed) E.B.


Beth said...

I so hope Riley is able to believe in magic all his life – that the ability to recognize it never goes away. Because, yes, it is there. You just have to search for it a little bit harder as you get older.

Snap said...

Amen to Magic!

Caroline said...

Oh that is so sweet! Well, not the porn site...good lord! I would love to do that next year for my kids, such a cute idea! And thanks for visiting Yahtzee...I think I am going to learn a lot from her experience.

Kim Mailhot said...

Thank God for the magic in spite of the madness. You are teaching your Riley boy well.
Happy Thursday !

oreneta said...

Love those bunny prints!!!!! What fun!