Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge by far as a mother is finishing one task without interruption. Without stopping to attend to at least three other more important things that are constantly cropping up. It leaves me with a feeling of never really accomplishing anything some days, like I never catch up, my wheels spin and spin and I feel further and further behind. I should have listened to what I had to say yesterday about my rock messages having meaning for me. There is today's rock:

And if that didn't get through to me, I should have seen the art in all these Bakugans strung up and across my desk chair instead of just being annoyed that I couldn't sit down when I wanted to.

I was encouraged to wish on a dandelion

and go jumping on the big rocks

but all I could thing about were the chores that weren't getting done back at the house.

These feelings were largely aggravated by having to find seventy-five times over this small "nut" from a Tech Deck mini skateboard toy which normally fastens onto the wheels but kept coming loose. Naturally without the nut on the wheel the toy is rendered useless. There's a picture of the nut, I threw in the dime just to give some proportion to the size of the nasty thing.

What is even more surprising is that I found the wretched thing seventy-five times over the last twenty-four hours. The last time I found the nut, the mini-skateboard went AWOL at which point I gave up and swore. At least seventy-five times.

And after three days of vigorous weeding in the garden, the therapy of tearing up and ripping out having had no positive effect on my mood, here is what is left of my blue geraniums after the unnamed vine strangled it in two short weeks.

And how was your weekend?


oreneta said...

Sounds like it was a little better than yours.....I have to agree with the challenge of actually doing something from start to finish. A while ago I began defending this more vigorously, my kids don't get it and think I am being cranky, but what the heck, makes me happier. It'll evolve out. Honestly.

Beth said...

Sometimes I’m amazed and so impressed with myself that I can find just about anything in this house – other times, I resent it.

Always put chores last whenever possible – they can wait – others things (playtime!) won’t.

coriander said...

I detest those mini skateboards. I've managed to convince my children that I'm the worst finder ever and hopeless at fixing things. Of course, now they think I'm a little simple.