Sunday, January 13, 2013

Limited Edition

For Sale.  Limited Edition of five.  50 ¢ each with all money going to Unicef.  The Daily Flight, all the breaking news about dragons.

My son, he slays me.  He inspires me and makes me so proud.  I wonder if sometimes I go too far nurturing his creativity.  But how far is too far?  As a parent I am so often sitting at the crossroads of not enough and too far.


Kim Mailhot said...

In terms of nurturing his creativity, I don't think you can go to far. Nor in his compassion and kindness towards others. Nor in knowing what a wonderful person he is, and not just because he is your kid. ;-)
Count me in for 2 copies. Will send the $ by mail asap !
Hugs, Awesome Momma !

Cheryl said...

How do you define too much? Too little? If Riley is expressing himself, it has to be his definition. You only provide the utensils/vehicle! And do a darn good job!

Sherry said...

He slays you -- you slay me....dragon speak!!! You can never go too far in nurturing creativity...ever. Supporting a child's endeavours is part of good mothering. Put me down for loonie goes in the mail tomorrow!! xoxo

Roos said...

Ooh, can we see more? A sneak preview of the news please (or only after a downpayment, I would totally understand that ;-)) !

Going too far? Not enough? Where on earth did you get those ideas? Just right, that's all there is to it.

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TJBGoogins said...

Whoa, hold on... it's a newsletter about DRAGONS? Why didn't you say so? Well, I suppose you did, didn't you? FYI, I would sign up for The Daily Flight in a New York minute! Haven't read your blog in a few months, and it seems I've missed quite a lot - amazing photographs, soul-crushing insights, and recommendations on topics that I deeply resonate with... keep it up, bodhi chicklet - we're still here!