Friday, January 18, 2013

Swirling, Swirling

My squirrel-y Virgo mind has been trying to measure the sacred in my life.  Starting with this altar I built for winter and to work through Jane Cunningham's Choosing True over Nice class.

And the smaller altar built as a reminder for my work with Grandmother Bear in SouLodge this month.  Each piece holds strong meaning, symbolism for what is  going on deep inside me ~ transitions, shifting of my DNA, a kind of goulashing of lessons presented and internalized.  I can not grasp any of it firmly and yet it is all "there", at a level of connection that defies words.

This week brought much gratitude into my orbit.  Libations from a grateful neighbour for helping to move her car over a snow drift

beautiful hand crafted envelopes, all the way from Amsterdam

another hand made card from California

a previously quoted $700 refrigerator repair bill reduced to a much more manageable $160 bill which allowed me to work with Anna Wingfield for a bottle of Bespoke (oh yes, it did and I do and it is).

More gratitude came from Sherry with this card

in response to my last post about supportive parenting.  In that post I questioned whether I give too much or not enough support to my nine-year old son.  My discussions with him over creating and selling his own ideas was such a mirroring experience for me.  It brought how I/we value our personal work, how to market it and how charity/gratitude also plays a role.  I hadn't meant to solicit funds here or to actually sell the newsletter that he had put together.  On Sunday morning, at Riley's insistence, we walked the streets, looking for buyers, so confident he was in what he had created.  And we met every kind of person - the rude, the kind, the I-would-love-to-but... (fill in the blank).  A whole geography of consumers.  He floored me with his courage in approaching strangers, in his belief that he had a product that people would want.  All the while I could hear the lesson coming to me about my own work and how I value it (or don't) and how I put it out there (or don't).   It is this example of synchronicity that is coming at me from all sides now.  Parenting 101, the student is the teacher.


Snap said...

Parenting 101, the student is the teacher. Amen!

Living 101, the universe with a 2x4. Listen!


Sherry said...

Well I can't say it any better than Snap did!! ;)

But yes, the student is often the teacher when it comes to what we learn from our children. It's kind of wonderful isn't it?

Now crack open that bottle and celebrate yourself! xoxox

Cheryl said...

I am truly glad to see you back on a more regular basis. This place and your photos make me laugh and feel cozy. I wanted to know if that was an official red square or a symbolic red square. The student...aren't we all?

Roos said...

Ha, thanks for the proof that the overseas mail arrived :-)
Looooved your altar picture. And yes, that is quite the lesson Riley taught you.

anna said...

Love your beautiful altars and can really relate to the healing spaces like this bring. Can also relate to children as teachers, I learn so much from my kids and through having them daily - sometimes it seems like I'm getting a PHD :) Also so happy about that fridge allowing you to get your Bespoke Perfume that is en route right now. Way to manifest baby, if this is any indication 2013 is gonna be an awesome year for you!

thecatalanway said...

Hello - I do visit but sometimes don't leave a calling card. This is to say hello and I love your feathers and I'm sorry that little packet I sent you never turned up. One day I'll get together another and try again. Kxxx

Kim Mailhot said...

Love Snap's comment too !

Lots of awesome lessons and gifts circling in your circle these days. I am so glad to know it.
Happy Sunday, Kimmypoo !